Announcing The Cushing Critique: A New Feature for the Crawl Space

Hello, fair Crawl Spacers! Kevin Cushing here to tell you about a new feature I’ll be running here on the front page for your reading pleasure.

Recently I was talking to my friend and yours, our wallopin’ webmaster Brad Douglas, about doing some writing for this fine website again. We discussed the possibility of having me return to reviewing Amazing Spider-Man like I did in the old days, but we agreed that three reviews of that title per issue might be a bit overkill, and I don’t want to step on the toes of either of the learned gentlemen already equal to the task.

So Brad, in his infinite wisdom, suggested that maybe I should do a regular editorial series so the format is a little looser and I can write about pretty much whatever is taking my interest. At first I was a little hesitant, wondering if I’d have enough material to keep something like that afloat, but as we traded thoughts I realized there is plenty for me to talk about. In fact I already have the subjects for the first four installments well in mind, and I imagine it will keep spiraling from there!

I wanted to go ahead and announce this feature in its own article so when folks go back through the archives, if they’re interested in reading about my first subject, they won’t have to wade through a few paragraphs at the top explaining what the feature is. So, here are the details, as they stand:

– These editorials will be released on a semi-weekly basis. I say SEMI-weekly, because while my intention is to release one per week, lord knows I may get busy and miss a week, or simply have nothing worth writing about one week. I’d rather give you a good, worthwhile editorial than write up some crap I don’t really care about and neither do you just so I can get an article out that week. But as I said, I already have four in mind, so that’s a whole month planned out in advance right there.

– The subjects of these editorials will be Spider-Man related. Sure, I could give you a whole treatise on DC’s New52 or my favorite current TV shows, but Brad has graciously given me a place on the home page of the greatest Spider-Man site on the web, so in return I want to make sure these editorials enhance this page’s subject matter and are worthy of the coveted url!

– These editorials will, at least mostly, be about current affairs. JR and Bertone are the guys to give history lessons, they’re very qualified for it, and they’re very good at it. My arena tends to lean more toward analyzing what’s going on around me. So don’t expect content like Bertone Hates Betty, Finding Gwen Stacy, or the Spidey Kicks Butt articles. I could never compete with those guys on spider-history and I would never want to. Here you’ll find thoughts and analysis on current books, storylines, characters, and whatever else I see going on in today’s world of Spider-Man that I feel merits comment.

– I’m just one man stating an opinion. I feel it’s important to note that I realize that, because I have a style and habit of arguing rather zealously, and I know sometimes that can come across as me saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong. That’s not the case. These articles have my name on them because they are what I think. I’m not speaking for Brad or anyone else on the Crawl Space, and even though I may sometimes disagree with the creators, I am not here to say they’re wrong and I know better. I’m simply passionate about my arguments. Indeed, I always welcome a good debate.

And I think that just about says it, folks. Look for the first regular installment of The Cushing Critique in the next week when I’ll tackle the return of Morbius: The Living Vampire in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man’s “No Turning Back!”

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  1. Junaid Ahmed

    Hey Kevin I know your reading Spider-Man again but isn't it a bit to late now? I only say this because there has been speculation that the 616 Peter Parker is going to be replaced by another Spider-Man.....possibly by that retarded Alpha character........anyways its still good to have you back!

  2. Kevin Cushing - Post author

    Thanks very much, everybody! I really appreciate the support and I can't wait to get into these pieces!#3: You know I love the Crawl Space comic, and I'm SO thankful that people enjoyed it and are still thinking about it, but sadly I wouldn't expect anything any time soon. If I get back into that it's going to take a major overhaul of the plans I had, and I'm just not up to that right now. Thanks for asking!#6: Yes, I am indeed pulling Amazing Spider-Man again. I came back for the Morbius arc, and because of the opportunity to do something like this, I need to stay relevant and up to date.#9: I'll actually be making an announcement about that in my first Cushing Critique. So, read that. (Sneak peak: the answer is yes!)

  3. FSUSpiderfan

    Sounds good to me. More Kevin on the Crawlspace is always a good thing. Any chance of a return of your CS webcomic?

  4. Adam

    I look forward to reading through these, new Crawlspace content is always welcome. Good to have you back Kevin!

  5. Alex

    This is awesome news Kevin. Long have I missed your reviews on Crawl Space, you always had valid points that I agreed with and offered a unique writers perspective to them. Very much looking forward to these up and coming articles.

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