Hickman’s Avengers Preview

Marvel has sent me a press release showing the covers of the first three issues of Johnathan Hickman’s Avengers. What do you think of Spidey’s co-stars? 

Marvel NOW! – Hickman & Opena’s AVENGERS Covers Revealed!


Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the jaw dropping covers to Avengers #1Avengers #2 & Avengers #3 by superstar artist Dustin Weaver! This December, the most popular heroes in comics together on one unbeatable team, twice a month – only in Avengers! From the blockbuster creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena, the Avengers “go large,” expanding their roster and their sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America puts out his call – who will answer?


Each issue of Avengers includes a code for a free digital copy on the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android devices and in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop. Additionally, each issue of Avengers features special augmented reality content available exclusive through the Marvel AR app – including cover recaps, behind the scenes features and more that add value to your reading experience at no additional cost.


Big threats, big ideas, big idealism – these are the Avengers NOW!


This December, Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena redefine what it means to be Earth’s Mightiest in Avengers #1!


For more on Marvel NOW!, please visit now.marvel.com and join the conversation on Twitter using #MarvelNOW.








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(4) Comments

  1. Enigma_2099

    It's the Movie Avengers featuring the Marvel back up dancers! ... lower left. Who are they trying to hide? That BETTER not be Alpha... Hulk AND Thor... this team wins. And finally... an even bigger roster... with MORE heavy hitters... and they're still having to use Wolverine/Spider-Man to boost sales?

  2. TJ

    Well, I like the idea of them two being in the big league now. As for Wolverine it's a logical progression... and though he is a mutant, and has been with the X-Men for decades, being an Avenger suits him better. There's the idea as well, that Wolverine sells books, but putting that aside, he's among the few mutants who are really Avenger material. I don't like Spider-Man being an Avenger and a FF member though. He should be only on one team, not both. He's not Wolverine. Wolverine may not have a life, except the constant brawling, and jumping from one adventure into another, but Spidey has. Let's say he could be on a team, he's a veteran player now, has been around for a while, he could be an asset for a team, but the FF's sciency ways are better suited for him. On the Avengers he's mostly filler anyways. (except what he did in AvX, with the Rasputins, though I liked that very much, it seemed very far-fetched though)

  3. hornacek

    It never bothered me when Spider-Man had 4 different titles, how he was supposed to have 4 different storylines every month. But Wolverine being on the Avengers when he has his own book, 2-3 X-Men books, it just seems stupid that he would also be in the Avengers.

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