Spider-Ads # 2

This is a classic ad printed in Marvel Comics showing off the Atari 2600 video game. I played the heck out of this when I was a kid. The red dot was Spidey, the green was the Goblin. This ad played a big part in making me ask for it during the Christmas of 1982. I think this is John Romita art. 



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  1. Spider-Dad

    Back in my day....Love this stuff. Hysterical commercial, I don't remember that one bit. As for the artwork, I could see it being Sal and JR SR or even JR SR and Frank Giacoia doing the inks...Good stuff.

  2. Wheatcakes

    Do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do Do do do do Do do do do Do do do. Still remember the opening jingle! :-)

  3. Scarlet Spider77

    I loved that game soooooo much. I actually whistle the little bit of music that played before the level started all the time. I'd love to find a way to play it again!!!

  4. Donovan Grant

    Yeah I'm calling Romita Sr. too. Not as readily obvious as it usually is, but in the end it could be not other.

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