Venom Joins the Thunderbolts This December

Like Mac Gargan before him, Flash Thompson will apparently be taking his symbiotic companion to the Thunderbolts team. Judging by this cover for Thunderbolts #1, out this December, Venom will be teaming up with Red Hulk, Punisher, Elektra, and Deadpool. The creative team will be Daniel Way and Steve Dillon. Daniel Way previously wrote Venom in the 2003 Venom solo series.

According to Daniel Way, “[a] lot of what’s informed my approach to this new series—and what I believe will resonate with readers—is already out there in the zeitgeist; frustration, despondency, a deep-seeded desire to strike back in a decided—and, if necessary, drastic—and sure manner at forces which have systematically dismantled and/or subverted such constructs as transparency, equality and basic human rights.”

The systematic subversion of constructs? Golly, this sure sounds like it’ll be pretty darn intellectual!

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  1. fantasyfreak

    @8: Couldnt have said it better. But wasnt Punisher going to "take out" the Avengers in that upcoming War Zone mini? Then what is he doing on a teambook? I dont think Punisher fits on a team at all anyway.

  2. CrazyChris - Post author

    @Scarletspiderfan - My guess is that he has a red scheme to be consistent with the rest of the team, kind of like the white Spider-Man costume from FF. Venom can change his appearance at will, so if he's red sometimes and white other times, it's all good.

  3. Scarletspiderfan

    Also, what's up with Venom's new red color scheme? I wonder if this is a total change, one done just to get red on every hero on the cover, or if he will have the red only in the Thunderbolts series.

  4. Daddypool

    I believe that Marvel announced Uncanny Avengers, Avengers (twice monthly), and Avengers Arena so far. Rumors have New Avengers, but nothing official yet.

  5. Scarletspiderfan

    Actually... I was wrong. New Avengers is continuing, but there hasn't been news yet on Secret, Dark, or Avengers Academy series continuing... so at least 3 Avengers titles. I would think Secret and Dark are being cancelled though.

  6. Scarletspiderfan

    @reader: I think New Avengers, Secret Avengers, and Dark Avengers are all getting canned during Marvel Now! Not sure about Avengers Academy, but they're apparently making an X-Men Avengers team in addition to the main one called "Uncanny Avengers", so there will still be at least 2 Avengers books.

  7. Kassady86

    I usually follow Frank Castle everywhere...but not this time. I'm really not a big fan of Steve Dillon's art anymore. I'm gonna miss Chechetto.

  8. Doc Folsome

    That's a relatively stacked roster, certainly moreso than the current team. Punisher, Deadpool and Venom all have cult-like followings in fandom, so this book should have a lot of momentum and anticipation right off the bat. Gotta give Marvel credit for this one, I didn't see it coming and it should sell really well for them...regardless of the story's strength.I have not been following a lot of what is going on with these particular characters, but I am curious to see how they would fit into the Thunderbolts paradigm. Villains turned heroes looking for redemption, or government sanctioned-villains looking for redemption used to be the premise. Red Hulk, Venom (and possibly Deadpool and Punisher) should all be on the right side of the law...not sure if this would really be a 'Thunderbolts' book or just another team-up book...we'll see i guess.Nice post Chris!

  9. Andrew

    I like Dillon (c'mon... Preacher, Punisher...), but I think Way is one of the most overrated writers today. His Deadpool did nothing for me and I used to love the book under Joe Kelly.

  10. Daddypool

    I have read quite a bit of Way's stuff. It is very Dark, but clever. He likes to put twists into his stories and trick the reader. Definitely an aquired taste, but it might be good. I am more concerned about Dillon's art as he is better with human (non-superhuman) characters.....Recommended Way readings....Bullseye's Greatest Hits Punisher vs Bullseye Deadpool v4 1-12, 45-54 Venom v1 1-10

  11. Phantom Roxas

    You know, I had understood people being afraid of what these two would unleash, but this? This is about as uninteresting as the X-Men Legacy relaunch, and this actually has a character I might be interested in reading about if I trusted the creative team enough. Granted, I haven't read Way's stuff, but I have NEVER heard good things about him.

  12. Shaun Martineau

    Never hated Way and I fell in love with Dillon on Preacher, so... I might give this a chance. Dillon's cover definitely looks great.

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