Spider-Captions # 196

Grover visited Comic Con this year. It seems he teamed up with Spidey. Add a funny caption in the comment section. 

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(6) Comments

  1. Matt Byrd

    S: "Hey Grovy, look at that... they found your take of my Doomsday play called "Turn off the Dark" G: "Yeah so the did, but spidey why do you need a sidekick after fifty years of being the cool solo guy you are or were?" S: "I don't know my...?, oh your not Cookie monster are you......maybe they thought being married made me to old so they my company chose to make me ol Batman like you wanna be my Muppet wonder boy Grov? G: "Are you joking again about the blue monster book I feel honor to be your Muppet wonder web head!"

  2. herbiepopnecker

    "And after Cookie Monster wipes the floor with that Dennis the Menace kid, he's promised to share the cookies with us!" (Spidey really doesn't know Cookie Monster very well!)

  3. Jack Brooks

    "THAT's the building where my girlfriend was thrown off; THAT's the building where I made a deal with Satan..." (Spider-Man robbing Grover of his innocence...)

  4. Jovial

    "Queen's is that way. I would usually web-sling until I hit the edge of Manhattan and then ride on the top of a few buses and cars; but you might just fly over that building there and go straight. Look for the big yellow bird." --- Spidey's response to Grover asking "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"

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