Superior Spider-Man? BD’s Theories

Marvel released this teaser image on Friday. Speculation has run what title it is teasing with the Marvel Now launch. Some have speculated that’s it’s Marvel finally getting around to releasing Marvelman. Other’s suspect it’s Spider-Man related.

Here’s my theories:

1)  This is Spider-Man related. This is the only teaser released without the writer and artist named on it. If Marvel put Slott’s  name on  the image then it wouldn’t leave much to the imagination.
 2) Writer Dan Slott will be on Amazing Spider-Man after #700. 

Dan Slott has been quoted as saying, 

What I can clearly say is that in the 20-odd years I’ve been working in this industry, I have never done something as big to a character as what we’re doing to Spider-Man in #700.

Why would he create a big change and walk away from the character? Slott is here to stay. 

3) The word “Amazing” will be dropped from Spider-Man’s title and we’ll get a new number one. Marvel has decided to call the Hulk “Indestructible” rather than “Incredible” and launch a new number one.  They dropped “Mighty” from Thor and added “God of Thunder” and you guessed it, released a new number one.  Why would Marvel pass up a chance to sell more copies of a new Spider-Man #1 when a #701 would sell far less.


4) Spider-Man will get Alpha’s powers. This is a big guess on my part, but I can see it happening. Spidey will somehow take responsibility for his mistake and possess Alpha’s powers. That would make sense to then call the book “Superior Spider-Man.” This is my biggest logic jump, but I can see it happening. Imagine the Captain Universe storyline only launched as a new title. 

What do you think will happen? Am I way off or do you think I’m on to something? Please discuss in the comment section. 

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