Amazing Spider-Man #700…FINAL ISSUE?!?!?!

 According to CBR, as well as The Outhousers, ASM#700 is solicited to be the final issue in the series. The series will most certainly be relaunched in Marvel NOW!, but until then what do you think?

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  1. M Kitchen

    I get so tired of these numbering gimmicks. Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man since Big Time has been a lot of fun. But to end the series with #700 sounds more like a great jumping off point than anything else.

  2. Fred

    "# 32 That’s not the point. It’s a theory and I posed a question. You’re avoiding it. What if it is reversed? Would you PICK IT BACK UP?! ????"I'm not avoiding anything and getting upset over my opinion makes you look like someone looking for a fight. Troll someone else.

  3. Jimbo

    # 32 That's not the point. It's a theory and I posed a question. You're avoiding it. What if it is reversed? Would you PICK IT BACK UP?! ????

  4. Fred

    " What if One More Day is reversed how many of you will be picking the book back up?"One More Day is not getting reversed, too many egos involved. If they reversed it, they would have admitted that what they did failed, so don't expect it to be reversed anytime soon.

  5. Jimbo

    And what if this is a reversal of One More Day? I think maybe Alpha and this "Superior" thing may have people distracted. MJ has really become quite a "Peter Parker" supporter as of late. It's been speculated that Doc Ock is going to be dying and is going to "learn" Spider-Man's identity to reveal to the world. Now part of One More Day was Pete getting the identity thing taken care of. Maybe there are going to be large events that bring up Mephisto and maybe the whammy gets reversed. Because the way this has been getting built up this is the only thing that I can think of that would even remotely make an impact is the One More Day reversal or SOMETHING of that nature.So, considering the majority of the people who are on this site have written off Spider-Man since One More Day. What if One More Day is reversed how many of you will be picking the book back up?

  6. Fred

    Why do i get the feeling that this will end up as a bigger mess than all the other so called status quo events. Why do i get the sense that this will end up as another "Who Cares" moment?

  7. rohod67

    Sadly, ASM 700 will likely be the last issue I buy for a while. Except for a span of 3-4 years in the 80's, Ive been a Spidey collector since ASM 138. Can't say I totally hate what's being published these days, but with a family and a house and all that entails, its finally time to stop. Can't afford the price, and I don't have the space to store my collection if it continues to grow. I'll still check out this site, though, and will look forward to each new Crawlspace podcast. And that concludes my little sob story. I'll stop now, because hey, we're here to escape real life, right?

  8. jdp13

    Hmmmm, interesting. ... This might be a good point for me to just drop out. I did it when Vol 1 was apparently ending. I really lost almost all interest in what's been going on.

  9. Doc Folsome

    Newsarama has a pretty convincing theory up on ASM 700/Superior that sort builds off of BD's theory and brings Ock and Morbius into the fray...worth reading.Even though i'm not reading ASM, i do think that it would be a shame if there was no 'Amazing' Spider-Man book on the shelves. That adj has outlasted various reboots/spidermen/ancillary titles/etc and pays homage to the title that debuted Spidey...

  10. dave

    when comics go sh1t, know what i do?i cruise this web site, let 1 person buy them and read the plot/ art/ stories.then when one is worth buying... i go buy it!been doin' it ever since volume 2

  11. Simon

    OK, this is a very wild theory, but here goes:Could we end up with two Spider-man books (and two Spider-men), with a new Amazing Spider-man focusing on Peter Parker and a Superior Spider-man book focusing on Alpha (who becomes a second Spider-man)? Possibly as a result of them falling out?

  12. asm129

    Maybe, Just Maybe! He, Peter Parker, wakes up from Brand New Day, and he is married to Mary Jane, and the whole thing just simply get's undone. Now his glass is full. Cause the cover of Avengers #3 has Spider-Man on it and he is a member of the team. Or, Franklin Richards fixes the whole thing for him, like he did in the Heroes Reborn story. Speaking of Franklin, maybe if the New 52 does not work out, DC, could barrow him from Marvel and fix it. Guess we will know pretty soon!

  13. Phantom Roxas

    Can't say all I'm all that surprised. Didn't really want this to happen, although I'm curious what they'll do next. I'm more hoping that they actually live up to their promise that 700 will affect the Marvel Universe as a whole.

  14. Jimbo

    I think a lot of people saw this coming with the whole Marvel Now nonsense. I'm still not convinced that the Superior thing is what the new Spider-Man book will be. If it is that's an awful adjective for Spider-Man. I'll be done with the book with 700 and it's not because of storyline implications it's because I'm tired of Marvel's awful business practices. If anybody notices December, yes the same month as Christmas, Marvel is going to be burying Spider-Man fans. 699 is released at 3.99 and then, with perfect timing, 699.1 at 2.99 comes out next. Then, the whopper, 700 is 7.99 and that brings a grand total of 15 bucks to follow this storyline through. I find that absolutely ridiculous and disgusting that Marvel would do something like that. So, Marvel will be losing another large chunk of cash from me. :(

  15. Dan

    The problem is that Joe Quesada wants to play catch up with DC's new 52. In addition, JoeQ is more of a businessman than an artist these days. In my opinion, Marvel should focus more on quality storytelling than on these stupid gimmicks that are directly aimed at the young pre-teen audience. This is the market that Joe Quesada wants Marvel to be focused on instead of the adult audience.

  16. Doc Folsome

    *tips hat to BD*I wasn't really buying your theory from earlier this week, now it looks spot on. Good call.Can't say that I care too much b/c I haven't bought an ASM issue since SHED, but I will say that this is about as permanent as an ice cube on hot day. Either 49 issues, then renumbered for ASM 750, or (and this is pretty unlikely to last that long) 99 issues and brought back for issue 800. I think Eddie has it right though, just tell good stories (whilst respecting continuity :) ) and the book sales will take care of themselves without invoking cheap (short term) sales gimmicks.

  17. SteveJRogers

    If they don't relaunch with Vol 3 #1 and not that new title Brad was talking about the other day, its going to be a dark day in Marvel's history.Action and Detective were both relaunched. No reason NOT to keep and iconic title going.

  18. Scarlet Spider77

    Some one had mentioned Spidey getting Alpha's powers and I think that's where it'll go for a while.

  19. hairychap

    :( Furthering your superior speculation, could #700 feature a Peter Parker death that Alpha could have prevented? Thus learning about power and responsibility? Don't want that mind you but seems possible.

  20. Spider-Mont

    Considering the most recent Spidey movie was "The Amazing Spider-Man", I definitely find this to be a bit of a head-scratcher for Marvel, in light of their commitment to tie their lines in closer to their film properties. That being said, Marvel just did the same thing to the X-Men, so it's not unprecedented. There will be some big "Gotcha!" shocker at 700 that leads into the new title. But if it's going to be the same hit-or-miss storytelling that has plagued the book for the past several years, then a relaunch will fizzle quick.My question to Marvel is this: Who is your most recognizable and beloved character? It's Spidey. So why do you no have one of your "Architechts" writing it? 'Nuff Said!

  21. Eddie

    I have to say, I am really trying not to just be negative, but if Marvel would concentrate more on good stories, good art and good characterization and less on cheap gimmicks, they would sell more comics and increase their readership. A one time gimmick will boost sales for a month or two, but good stories, good characters and good art will keep old readers and bring new readers. Think about it. If you were to tell someone, "Comics are great. Really, before you just write them off, you should check them out. Here, let me give you one. Read this and you'll be hooked." Would you ever hand someone the current AMS? No. If you gave them a spider comic it would have to be Venom or Scarlet Spider, because Marvel hasn't screwed the pooch on those titles yet. You might have to reach back to an old TPB of JMS' run or something. AMS is one of (if not) the most recognized and successful (in terms of readership and sales) comics in history. It should be THE comic Marvel writes with excellence and yet...

  22. hornacek

    This is the biggest Spidey-related news since they ended Amazing Spider-Man after Revelations and relaunched it with a new series starting at #1 (and we all know how that turned out).

  23. cbasfrench

    Not another "relaunch"...why not just keep the know they are going to change it again in a few years....

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