Jamie Foxx to play Electro?

Sony has confirmed that the villain for Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be Electro, and now Jamie Foxx is in talks to portray the villain. Of course that doesn’t mean it will end up happening, but it’s certainly an interesting choice.

Since Michael Massee’s mysterious character in the credits scene of Amazing Spider-Man seemed to appear and disappear by way of lightning, my preferred theory was that HE was Electro, but now that is clearly not the case. Could he have been another villain working with Electro, giving more credence to my Sinister Six theory from October’s podcast?

Read the full article at Variety.

What say you, Crawl Spacers? Jamie Foxx as Electro? Who was Michael Massee during ASM’s credits? We’ve still got years to speculate!

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  1. Phantom Roxas

    Meh, don't care about Electro, although I'm looking forward to Django Unchained, which should give me a good impression of Jamie Foxx.If they do add in Mysterio, that would be cool, although I don't know about pulling off the Sinister Six. That would require either a lot more movies, or they would have to squeeze more villains to make it work, and really, since that was one of the problems with Spider-Man 3, that would just be dumb.

  2. BD

    If you go just on looks then I always thought Steve Buschemi would have made a good Electro. Max Dillion doesnt really have that much back story. So I don't have a problem with the casting. Jamie Foxx is a good actor and I loved him as Ray Charles. So having an Academy Award winning actor isn't a bad thing.

  3. AndyM

    What's going to be next, Michael Chiklis as Luke Cage? Why can't Hollywood cast these characters right.

  4. fantasyfreak

    *Likes Donovans post even though there is no like button*I also think doing it like Spectacular did it would be the best way, in fact I wouldnt mind at all if they just directly ripped it off.

  5. tickbite

    Electro will be fun to see on the big screen, more so than the lizard. I kind of liked the idea someone posted on MTV a while back: Josh Stewart for Electro. But Jamie Foxx will definitely bring a different vibe to it. I kind of expect a mix between over-the-top insane and very, very angry. After the first one, I'm all game for changing the character to make him fit the new world, as long as they have some development of the Norman Osborn story line. That needs to lead somewhere ...

  6. stillanerd

    Continued from #8--Then again, now that I think about it more, there's potentially a wide variety of cool things the filmmakers can do with Electro and his use of electricity based powers. Take a look at the Infamous video games and imagine Electro doing what the Cole MacGrath character does in live action on the big screen.

  7. stillanerd

    Jamie Foxx certainly is a very good actor with a big enough name draw who is no stranger to action-based movies. My question is, considering Electro is considered to be on a B-list villain for Spider-Man--a very high B-list, but B-list all the same--is it a part that can carry the movie as the main villain? Granted, if the sequel takes it's inspiration from Spectacular Spider-Man in that it re-creates Electro as a tragic villain who--due to changing into a being of pure energy and forced to be in a containment suit, no longer able to experience touch or taste or smell--gradually becomes more and more unhinged, it might work, especially with Foxx's performance.Although, something tells me one of the reasons the filmmakers also decided to go with Electro is because having a guy cast lightning bolts and energy blasts from his fingertips are some of the easiest, and therefore cheapest, special effects to make. After all, there's plenty of people on Youtube who make videos of themselves casting Force Lightning using nothing more than Adobe After Effects. :p (Although, to be fair, they are more talented than myself since I don't have or know how to use Adobe After Effects) :o

  8. Enigma_2099

    @#1All you had to say was Sam Jackson as Nick Fury and Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin. You'd win by default.

  9. Spideyfan

    I seriously doubt Electro will be the ONLY villian in The Amazing Spider-man 2. Electro's cool and all, but he can't hold the film as the only villian. There was talk of another villian besides the Electro rumors (which are confirmed now), I seriously still think that the other villian is Mysterio. He is an illusionist after all, and it would provide soem kick-ass effects and a badass villian duo. It would also help set up the sinister six faster. That's my opinion anyway...

  10. Sam

    That's pretty bad, that I know who Jamie Foxx is, but couldn't think of anything I'd seen him in. So I looked at his name on IMDb, and scrolled all the movies, and Jarhead was the only movie I've seen him in. I think he'll make a good Electro, just hope they don't get too stupid with the suit... but this is Hollywood we're talking about here.Keep On Thwipin'!!! Sam

  11. Donovan Grant

    Blah blah blah, spiritofthecharacter, blah blah blah, blackthiswhitethat, blah blah blah.Jaimie Foxx has proven himself to be a very good actor, and he certainly has the theatricality to play a supervillian. I wonder why he's after Electro specifically though.

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