Happy BirthdaySteve Ditko!

 Steve Ditko is a man who needs no introduction when it comes to Spider-Man. Still reclusive after all these years, let’s wish Spider-Man’s co-father a happy 85th birthday and hope for 85 more!

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  1. Michael Mahmoud

    Happy Birthday Mr.Dikto. and thank you for helping creating some famous and great characters(Spider-man, The Question, Dr.Strange, etc.). Hoping for 85 more is a huge understatement!

  2. FSUSpiderfan

    Thanks Mr. Ditko wherever you are for helping to create my favorite character. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Max A. Frankow

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ditko! Lee may of come up with the concept, but you gave Peter Parker and his cast life. You're just as good as he is in my book.

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