Spider-Art #27

 In these two panels from the classic Gerry Conway run of Amazing Spider-Man, that status quo is captured  with Peter and Gwen in each other’s arms while Harry and Mary Jane aren’t shown to be as sweet.

The first half of Conway’s run was pencilled by the late Gil Kane and inked by John Romita. Romita has been interviewed in the past where he confessed that as the Marvel in-house Art Director, he would often re-draw entire panels to match the company line’s preference of the Spider-Man characters’ design. Panels like these make it obvious, where the faces are nothing but Romita all over.

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  1. MikeS

    Gil Kane had nothing to do with these particular issues, they were totally pencilled by Romita. The first Conway-scripted story pencilled by Kane was 120, the issue before the infamous 121-122.

  2. FOOM

    I agree with you John. I still can’t think about “Sins Past” without getting mad. And Thelivingtribunal; That was not funny. : / Sigh, ok, OK, It was kinda funny, But I still don’t like the story. ; )

  3. JT

    Is it just me or does Peter bear an uncanny resemblance to Andrew Garfield (with shorter hair of course) in the second panel? MJ's face too is giving off some serious Shailene Woodley vibes.

  4. John

    Seeing this panel just makes my stomach sick, thinking about the story arc "Sins Past" by J. Michael Straczynski. Ugh. A terrible idea and a story that blew on just about every level.

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