Back Issue Reviews Now Much More Searchable!

Hey Crawl Spacers! In our continuing effort here at Crawl Space HQ to make this the best Spidey site it can possibly be for you, we’ve gone back through the entire archive of the current incarnation of this site and recategorized reviews to make them easier for you to find! Now, instead of just one heading that encompasses all Spider-Man Mini-Series, each individual mini and one-shot has its own personal tag so you can find it easily along the left sidebar instead of searching through 145 mini-series reviews for that one issue you’re looking for. We’ve also added a category for Guest Appearances with individual series listed under it, so you can find that Spidey appearance in Daredevil you’ve been wondering about with just one click! So if you’ve been hankering to see Mr. Negative’s mini for his origin, missed the Secret Invasion, or long for the bygone days when Spider-Man Loved Mary Jane – you’re covered at the Crawl Space!

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