Slott Issues Warning About ASM 698

Bleeding Cool picked this up off of Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott’s Twitter. Slott has issued a warning that he’s going to block you from his social media for life if you spoil Amazing Spider-Man 698 before it’s released.
So you too can be blocked from his computer just like a certain website you happen to be on. I find this interesting since Marvel often spoils story lines for the readers by releasing it to major media outlets. What are your thoughts? 

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  1. Boomstick

    @#33: That's exactly right...And rather sad, when you think about it. This is what it boils down to for Marvel: ANYTHINGthat generates a buzz, however bad, however insulting, is good. Bad publicity is better than non e at all. I'm expecting the events of 698-70 to culnibate in a giant Quesada0esque "reality slap" (e.g., deliberate troll) to the readers, which Marvel will milk as long as they think they can get away with it. Remember the days when it was, "This next issue is going to knock your socks off, true believers!: None of that anymore. these days, it's a Schadenfreuden-ly gleeful, "Oh, the readers are just going to *hate* me for this!" Sorry, we've seen this before wit the deaths of teh Human Torch and Captain America and Superman and Batman, and with Knigtfall and The Quest for the Cape. Everybody knows full well that Marvel isn't going to permanently do away with Peter/Spidey, so why pretend otherwise? It's just PR, a PR gimmick to cash in on Marvel's imitatuion of DCNu's (disastrous) reboot. But that's the current Marvel mindset these days: Confusing PR with good stortytelling.

  2. Enigma_2099

    We're missing the bigger picture here. Everyone's talking bout this, aren't they? They're paying more attention to Marvel instead of DC. Diabolical.

  3. Kevin Cushing

    Wait wait wait - a Marvel employee was at a strip club, and he thought it was a good time to talk Spider-Man? "Hey baby, gimme a lapdance and I'll tell ya who the new Spider-Man is!" Priceless!

  4. Javi Trujillo

    Bleeding Cool is now reporting that someone at Marvel blabbed the story at a strip club! Geez. Also, I never read any bias in Brad's post. Seemed matter of fact to me. Furthermore, if Norman is the new Spidey and kissing MJ? I don't have the words for how appalling I'd find that. Cracked Internet, indeed.

  5. reader

    I'm not really into social networks so I do not understand the threat. Unless you are a close friend of his (or if you really want to be), then it really does not matter.

  6. Enigma_2099

    @#24 Slott is the current writer on the Spidey books. Whatever he does will probably be talked about on the Spidey sites. Good or ill. It's not like Brad tells him to do anything to make himself look bad so he has something to talk about.

  7. Kevin Cushing

    I don't see Brad accusing him of anything in this brief article. And if you're saying it's not news and he's only posting it to be petty, I would point out that Bleeding Cool reported on it first. Are they being petty, too?

  8. marcus

    @21 and 22: This isn't the first time something like this has happened though. Every time Slott seemingly steps out of line, BD seems to be there with an accusing finger. It looks very petty from my point of view, and makes this site look petty by extension. Thats my only complaint.

  9. Kevin Cushing

    @21: Dan Slott once made a public thing of blocking this website from his computer so he could never see it again. In a post on this website reporting that Dan Slott is threatening to block people - you really can't see where one brief mention of that is relevant? Frankly, you're the only one commenting on it and making a thing of it. And please, tone down your attitude towards BD. If you like anything at all about this site (which I assume you do since you're here and bothering to comment), he's the one to thank. He doesn't need to be attacked just because a brief post he made doesn't meet your standards.

  10. Enigma_2099

    @#21 You make it sound as if BD TOLD Slott to block us. One line, ONE LINE, and you accuse him of starting something. No one else will make a big deal of that comment. It's not even a slam against Slott. If you can believe it, it's actually the truth.

  11. marcus

    #18 BD, You haven't made any factual errors, I never said you did. What I'm objecting to is the way you're taking this opportunity to tell us once again that your site is banned from Slotts Twitter. If Slotts done something ****ty (which this TOTALLY is) Then just report the facts, and let us decide that it's a ****ty thing, instead of telling us that it is. And although you haven't directly said that it's a negative thing, you're post certainly seems to be oriented in that direction. And to be perfectly honest, it makes it look like Slott is perfectly justified in banning you from his Twitter, because this bull **** you're doing is way too amateur.

  12. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    I can honestly say I have not been blown away by a single Slott-written issue since he helmed Mighty Avengers. Or if we're talkin' Spidey-related stuff, Then not since he (accidentally) solved the problem of Peter revealing his identity to the world Civil War during his stint on Avengers:The Initiative thereby negating the need for OMD (which Quesada crammed down the public's throats anyway).

  13. Daddypool

    Guys, I hate to blow it for you, but the Superior Spiderman is NORMAN OSBORN. And no, I didn't read ASM 698. The clues were evident in today's issue 697. As we know, Norman escaped from the Hospital in #697. Since Norman has the Super-Adaptoid power from Avengers, he can Absorb Peter's Spiderman Powers. Also, since Norman has always considered himself "Superior" to Peter, he could prove to the world that he is a better Spiderman (kinda like Kraven did 20 years ago.) Also, this would allow Peter to stay with Horizon Labs. And it would allow Norman to be with Mary Jane (he already had Gwen....) And he could go after Phil Urich for stealing his tech for two different identies. And he could then infiltrate the Avengers for revenge! Lots of great plot possibilities, and really add to the mythos between Norman and Peter... Thoughts? (and Dan, am I banned for life?)

  14. Ultimate_SM_Fan

    Heh, like anyone really cares about following Slott... Guy's a chump. Him, Wacker and Marvel think they know what they're doing, but they really, really, don't.

  15. BD

    #16 Marcus, Ok I'll bite. How did I advocate this is a bad thing to be doing? I opened it up for debate. Is there any factual errors in the post I made?

  16. marcus

    It honestly lowers the quality of this website when stupid crap like this is posted just to take shots at Slott. You want to advertise that this is what Slott is doing, and let people draw their own conclusions, fine. But the second you try to advocate that this is a bad thing for someone to be doing, you're lowering yourself.

  17. Spider7279

    I understand others not wanting the story ruined and the writers to keep it a surrprise, i just like to one of those guys who opened his christmas presents and retaped them as a kid lol

  18. Jack Brooks

    I can understand that feeling. I also think that Mr. Slott's beliefs about what's going to be boffo, and how it actually works out with customers, haven't matched up consistently. This is the same company that at one time thought shipping Peter off to Portland was a great idea; and they definitely under-estimated the raging hot wave of blowback against OMD/OMIT. They lost roughly 40% of their sales due to OMD, and never recovered except for occasional spikey issues. I am not confident that the people in charge of ASM really have much natural instinct for what's going to excite Spider-Man fans. I think they're writing to interest and amuse themselves at this point. I'm more-than-halfway expecting fan reaction to whatever's about to be unleashed in #700 to be like the finale of Lost. If Peter is replaced with an unsympathetic antagonist, that might keep Slott's interest as a writer engaged, but then he's going to feel angry at the remaining fans who dislike it.

  19. SpideyInATree

    I honestly think the guy is really proud of this story, that's all. He doesn't want people, and media outlets, out there spoiling a story he and others worked on. I certainly don't want to be spoiled and can't wrap my head around people who SEEK out spoilers. These people would have hated the early 90's when you actually had to, you know, wait for the issue to come out. However, the least of his worries should be poo faces spoiling his story. He should be worrying about whether this is actually going to live up to the expectations that he's put out there. From what Slott has described this is going to be, literally, to greatest Spider-Man story ever. However, he did kind of describe Ends of the Earth that way and I though that storyline was awful. So, as a Spidey fan I'm hoping Dan is right about this story and also look forward to hundreds being blocked by him.

  20. Enigma_2099

    ... he's not even on my contact list! I couldn't give less of a d*** if I tried! And it's not gonna be Peter, so I care even less!!!

  21. Xonathan

    When asked to provide a teaser to promote the story, Steve Wacker replied in teh Bleeding Cool message board: No need. It's a pretty good comic though. Hope people like it. I'm pretty confident though that here at the BC board it'll just get the standard "More like House of NO Ideas" schtick. SW So there you have it. Forget the hype, it's a "good" comic with recycled ideas.

  22. Nick MB

    I'm assuming the wider point is that any member of the comics press who tweets spoilers is probably going to struggle to get an interview with Slott in the future. Fair enough, this clearly means a lot to him, although I'm not sure this kind of hard line against spoilers ever particularly works. I think Peter David has taken a similar attitude in the past to little avail.

  23. flatteo

    Bleeding Cool already nixed Spider-Man 2099. Thank god. And no, that is not a spoiler. That's a freaking relief. Beyond Miguel, I'm happy with anyone else being Superior.

  24. CrazyChris

    We should all start tweeting theories and tagging Dan Slott. Whoever gets blocked is the one who is right.


    I get the idea behind it, I like avoiding spoilers like the plague, in everything. Though, I don't get what him blocking them will affect, I assume he already knows how it ends.

  26. Bertone

    Slott already knows the outcome of the story.....this isn't like when he blocked a guy on Formspring for spoiling the Avengers movie. Him blocking someone won't stop other people from seeing the he's basically doing this as a punishment.

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