Spider-Strip Club Secrets

Bleeding Cool is reporting that someone from Marvel had some loose lips at a New York strip club.
Evidently they “made it rain” with secrets about Amazing Spider-Man 698-700 and the identity of the Superior Spider-Man. If this is true what are your thoughts? I find it to be hilarious that you could pay for lap dances with Spider-Secrets. 

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  1. tnr105

    Forget spoilers...I don't want to know about anything Marvel creators are 'spilling' at a Strip Club. :O To be fair...they're following from example. http://www.bleedingcool.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/joe-350x302.jpg

  2. stillanerd

    @14--With regards to people acting "clueless" over the possibility of Norman Osborn pretending to be Peter Parker/Spider-Man, keep in mind who Norman Osborn is as established by Marvel over the past several years. Norman Osborn took on the guise of the Green Goblin originally as a means of wanting to set himself up as the leader of organized crime. He's put on the pretense of being a legitimate and respectable businessman while secretly running a criminal cabal. He's someone who has faked his death and laid low for years, manipulating from the shadows via the Clone Saga. He's took advantage of his position in the Thunderbolts to create the Dark Avengers--a whole group of villains who pretended to be heroes, mind you--and become the head of SHIELD. Theoretically, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to pretend to be Spider-Man as means of taking down other criminals and super-villains as part of overall scheme to set himself up as the new head of organized crime. And the beauty of this plan would be he'd have other heroes on his side without knowing the wiser. Yes, people who know Peter/Spider-Man would notice something a little off, but again, Norman has been shown to hide his psychosis rather successfully on more than one occasion in the past; plus, being that he, out of all of Spider-Man's villains, is truly obsessed with him, he also knows how Spidey would behave, so even if there were signs of him being "off" or "out-of-character," he could easily explain his behavior away knowing what he knows about Peter and Spidey. Certainly better than Doc Ock would who, because of his megalomania, cannot help but put himself at the center of attention in whatever scheme he's involved with, as he demands recognition and respect for his genius above all else.

  3. Graduation

    Are Marvel out to make everyone in the comic beyond stupid? Norman posing as Peter wouldnt fly with the women who really know him, Mary Jane has been able to deduce whenever someone is impersonating Peter on several occasions, and AUNT MAY, Peter's surrogate MOTHER, would be able to tell if something was off. I'm really tired of this "only the readers are clued-in" routine. Why should I invest my time and money into seeingheroes of my childhood acting clueless?

  4. stillanerd

    Okay, assuming this rumor is true, here's two possible scenarios that I can think of: 1. What if, thanks to what happens in Amazing Spider-Man #698-700, Doc Ock tells everyone on his cellblock that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. And just before he dies, he also sends out a mass e-mail to ALL of Spidey's villains telling them that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter knows this means that everyone he loves is now a potential target, and it's worse than when he publicly unmasked because the people he cares about wouldn't know why they're being attacked and thus wouldn't be able to protect themselves. Peter goes to Dr. Strange to do his mindwipe spell, but, as Dr. Strange told him at the end of "Spider-Island," he cannot perform the same spell twice. Instead, what he can do is erase their memory of Peter Parker, i.e. they'll still remember Spider-Man but have no idea that any such person named "Peter Parker" exists. However, when Dr. Strange performs the spell, something goes wrong--maybe interference from Norman Osborn, perhaps--and instead of erasing the memory of Peter Parker from the villains, it erases the memory of Peter Parker from EVERYBODY, including Aunt May, Mary Jane, Carlie, Jonah, Harry, Flash...and even Peter himself. Basically, as far as the world is concerned, Peter Parker has never existed, but they all have memories of Spider-Man intact, and Peter only remembers everything he's ever done as Spider-Man. 2. Or what if, thanks to Dr. Strange there IS a body swap, but not between Peter Parker and Doc Ock. Rather, it's between Peter Parker...and Norman Osborn. And the reason no one knows it except the reader is, just before Peter can explain what happens, he gets knocked unconscious. And even if he comes to, he's already in prison. Even if he tries to get everyone to listen to him, the guards just think "Yeah, yeah Osborn, and I'm the Tooth Fairy and that guy's Santa Claus." And, being the intelligent guy that he is, Norman is able to pull of a somewhat convincing act as Peter.

  5. Xonathan

    So, it involves accidental assistance by Doctor Strange, and only the reader will know what happened leaving our comic book characters in the dark. It is not sounding good...


    Spider-Office Guy: "...and then, Spider-Man's gonna be all 'WHAAAAA?', then we bring in Superior Spider-Man's and he's gonna be all, 'MMMM HMMM'". Stripper: "That's nice, but I'd really prefer some money."

  7. Nick MB

    In fairness, Bleeding Cool just says "a Marvel creator", not anyone from the Spider-Office specifically. I imagine there are a few people who've needed to know the basics of the Superior plot for working on their own books.

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