8 Responses to “Collectors 11-18-12”

  1. #1 Iron Patriot says:

    “Chick flick to get in her pants” I just died. This time is the period where the superhero movies get released on DVD, though, so there’s that! Another awesome installment, Eddie!

  2. #2 Bertone says:


  3. #3 Extreme Spider says:

    How about SKYFALL?!

  4. #4 Aziz says:

    The dude reaction to Twilight is great, but that should never be public reaction
    As Etreme suggested, why not Skyfall?

  5. #5 Aziz says:


  6. #6 EddieD says:

    For the record, Kristen insists “just a reminder that the strip is loosely based on reality. I would NEVER suggest Twilight!”

  7. #7 Phantom Roxas says:

    The whole Twilight suggestion seemed like a joke to begin with.

    Ticket Booth Guy’s reactions were the best.

  8. #8 Ethan says:

    These get more and more excellent every time.

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