Spider-Captions # 201

Add a funny caption in the comment section. The funnier the better. 

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  1. Matt Byrd

    "TTo find out who's the clone and whose not, Ms BC let's having a kiss of the spider in the right suit" (Mary Jane's hoping Peter will be be tight lipped as scarlet while Felicia puckers up to lip lock who she thinks is her Spider) "Okay party girl your on oh and just so the game's fair let's hope there are no deals with the Devil or anything of sorts ?" Both Men under each suit is screaming "NO, NO, NOT the way I was wanting to end who's who but, I think I may like it anyway?"

  2. E. Wilson

    "Don't worry, Ben; I learned how to deal with delicate social situations like these on a little show called 'Three's Company'."

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