Spider-Art #37

 Dan Bereton presents the alternate version of ASM #121 when Gwen was awake for her death, as opposed to what actually happened.

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  1. DMaynor

    Was there ever a story about what happened between the moment Gwen was kidnaped and her death on the bridge?

  2. fantasyfreak

    @Y The Last Nerd: Oh most definitely :) But we both know the Goblin won´t appear in the second, so it is more likely for this to happen in the third film.

  3. Matt

    This is scary, and sad, like the original story. Lovely drawing though. I really hope they don't kill off Emma Stone...

  4. Y: The Last Nerd

    If they kill her off in Amazing Spider-Man 2, you better believe this is closer to what will occur in the film. It's way more dramatic from a cinematic point of view that she be awake for her impending death. Agree? Disagree?

  5. fantasyfreak

    Yeah, that look of terror in her eyes frightens me too. But I still like it. :) What else has he done? I might have heard of stuff he´s done before, but my memory is that of a goldfish at the moment :)

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