Dan Bereton presents the alternate version of ASM #121 when Gwen was awake for her death, as opposed to what actually happened.

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6 Responses to “Spider-Art #37”

  1. #1 Lord Alford says:

    That’s a bit more disturbing than the original. I think I like it better with her knocked out.

  2. #2 fantasyfreak says:

    Yeah, that look of terror in her eyes frightens me too. But I still like it. :) What else has he done? I might have heard of stuff he´s done before, but my memory is that of a goldfish at the moment :)

  3. #3 Y: The Last Nerd says:

    If they kill her off in Amazing Spider-Man 2, you better believe this is closer to what will occur in the film. It’s way more dramatic from a cinematic point of view that she be awake for her impending death. Agree? Disagree?

  4. #4 Matt says:

    This is scary, and sad, like the original story. Lovely drawing though. I really hope they don’t kill off Emma Stone…

  5. #5 fantasyfreak says:

    @Y The Last Nerd: Oh most definitely :) But we both know the Goblin won´t appear in the second, so it is more likely for this to happen in the third film.

  6. #6 DMaynor says:

    Was there ever a story about what happened between the moment Gwen was kidnaped and her death on the bridge?

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