6 Responses to “Collectors 12-16-12”

  1. #1 Zach Joiner says:

    Poor Eddie.

  2. #2 Aziz says:

    If you can provide her a few thousand dollars, or maybe $1 million :p

  3. #3 Adam says:

    Love the shirts : )

  4. #4 musicfighter says:

    I thought you owned ASM 1? Don’t you need AF 15?

  5. #5 EddieD says:

    musicfighter: I own both. The comic is based loosely on my wife and I. So for continuity buffs, think of the strip happening around the first couple years of mine and Kristen’s marriage when I owned neither.

  6. #6 EddieD says:

    Or…..Mephisto mindswiped me to forget that I own them.

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