Happy 2013 Crawlspacers

imageHappy 2013 fellow Crawlspacers. Lets ring it in with my Spider-New Years baby wearing very cute pajamas.

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  1. JT

    "Hey Dan Slott, as soon as this Superior Spider-Man nonsense boils over, as soon as Doc Ock gets his fill of playing hero, Peter Parker, the best hero in the universe, better come back. And live happily ever after with his true love Mary Jane Watson. I am not asking, big guy..."

  2. madgoblin

    "Look, you lazy old man...I don't care how hung over you are, I don't care how wretched and feeble you are, I need my Coco Puffs this morning dammit!"

  3. Matt Byrd

    How Cute is that you know Ava won't let any bad guy win her over with a switching the mind trick at all.......

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