Spider-Art #50!

Fifty years! Fifty pieces of Spider-Art! For this momentus occasion, we’re pulling out all the stops from Spidey’s father Steve Ditko!

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  1. JT

    Boy is that Squirrel Girl creepy. And in that panel, Ditko's Gwen looks like The Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White, during the transformation scene.

  2. Boomstick

    Almost certainly. Dan Slott posts here under his own name, whereas Steve Wacker is unable to do so, having previously been banned for trolling. And four posts in a row just to have the last word? Kind of a giveaway. Back on topic, I'd forgotten ust how much Ditko set the visual tone for many things that have become pop culture icons. Ditko's graphic style is very much a product of its time, but it has a highly individual character to it.

  3. big time fan

    Never let it be sad that this smilin big time fan doesn't feel the love for Ditko fans: http://tilthelasthemlockdies.blogspot.com/2011/08/peter-parkeramazing-spider-man-figurine.html?spref=tw

  4. big time fan

    I will say this for Ditko: Issues 21 - 38 of ASM are gems. I give him credit for that run. But to give him anything beyond that is disrespectful to Lee and Romita - the true FATHERS of the ASM we came to know and love. But man, I will say that issue 33 is a masterpiece. Perhaps one of the greatest single issues ever.

  5. big time fan

    Ditko's art is comical, absurd, and borderline insane. He is NOT the father of Spider-Man. That is a comical, absurd, and borderline insane statement. Lee created the character, Lee knew what to do with the character. Romita's art, beautiful art, along with Ditko's creative genius and marketing ability, propelled the character into the iconic franchise it is today. Ditko left. Ditko's ego led him the wrong way.

  6. Aziz

    Spidey's right leg is curved like a banana in the upper left image Nothing from the Question? That's quite a letdown

  7. irishlad

    Great to see this appreciation of Ditko. I always feel he's never given the credit he deserves. He's the guy who created the look, feel and classic villains for the title. If you read ASM from around 18-38 where he really hit his stride and began plotting the book as well. A brilliant artist. The father of Spider-Man absolutely yes - a deserved title.

  8. eddiebrock

    Ditko's Gwen was the best she was ever portrayed. Just look at her. Cold canniving ice queen. And his Jameson never ceases to make me smile. Really it was Ditkos characters expressions that made you understand why Steve basically plotted his entire run with Stan, how if it really came down to it, he could have told the whole story without any dialogue. This was how the stories were basically being developed anyway, where Ditko did the art first and plotted the story, and Stan just added the words (these are confirmed facts).

  9. big time fan

    Spider-Man, as the world knows and loves him, is a Stan Lee/ John Romita Sr creation. Yea, I know, many can't deal with that. The best thing that happened to Spidey was Ditko's departure.

  10. Big Al

    Spider-Man is the way he is because his daddys divorced Also Ditko drew one of the worst Supermans I've ever seen but goddam is that Dr Strange art brilliant

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