Spidey Version of Call Me Maybe

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  1. JT

    True. Spider-Man is the one superhero where people are as interested in the life of the man under the mask, Peter Parker, as they are in seeing him in action. I think that is the reason Marvel is prominently marketing Mary Jane's role in Superior Spider-Man to show that even though it is Octavius under the mask, he is still trying to live Peter Parker's life in Peter Parker's role.

  2. spideytracer

    Garfield and Stone... the movie clearly showed off their chemistry, and personally, the movie was better when Peter was out of costume. Excellent characterisation from all concerned, and particularly Andrew Garfield, who truly understands Peter Parker. I mean let's face it.... it's the man beneath the mask who we all identify with. This is why I think Superior Spider-Man will be a hard sell for some people. But after Avenging Spider-man 15.1, it's gonna be interesting to see how Otto will indees make himself "Superior."

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