Avengers Fire Superior Spidey


Newsarama got a nice scoop with this image.

Humberto Ramos joins Dan Slott for the new story arc in April 2013, and while our first thought with “Fired” and Spidey was that Peter/Otto Parker would be getting fired from Horizon Labs, it looks like it may be even wors for the new Spider-Man. Behind the word in the image are pictures of the Avengers, possibly indicating Spidey will be losing his membership with the team. So much for Superior.

Look for more on Superior Spider-Man and his new status when the April 2013 solicitations hit next week.

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  1. Regless

    Wonder what spidey's new job will be. Oh! Hopefully a teacher or a tutor... tutor would have more flexible hours. Out of all his job I really like that one the best. guess we'll see.

  2. DCMarvelFanGuy

    @18- Or he could be saving Norman for Superior Spider-Man. :P Actually, something tells me Norman's return will be part of this years Spidey summer event, like Spider-Island and Grim Hunt, before it.

  3. hornacek

    @9 - speaking of Norman, we never got a follow-up from his escape from the hospital at the end of 697 (?). I thought he might come into the 698-700 story but it seems as if Slott forgot all about it. @17 - "SpOck" sounds about right. I can't say that any appearance taking place after 700 is "Spidey" or "Spider-Man" because Spider-Man is dead.

  4. Masterwslinger

    Is it me, or does Dan Slott have a name for this new concotion? 'SpOck' as a member posted, has a nice ring to it. What about (If Peter was alive), would be OckSpi? Really, POCKer for Peter as Ock and 'SpOck' as Spider-Man/Ock works well. I thought Ock would like a nice body to fight Peter. You'd think his pride would want him to have a battle where they are 'equal', rather than Otto just stealing his body to fight him. That seems beneath him. If he did come back to life, how would that work? A dead clone-body?

  5. Steerpike

    In all fairness, if this is just a long winded way of getting things back to the way they were pre-civil war (i.e. Pete with no team affiliation, working for the Bugle, in a relationship with MJ, and PETER in his own body with Ock in his own) then ok. I mean there are better ways of doing it, but if the ends justify the mean I'm ok with that. Though, I'll jump in when the "ends" show up.

  6. Spencer

    @#13 Someone can be positive about the new series and not be Steve Wacker or Dan Slott, you know.

  7. xhankpymx

    i would get fired from the avengers too, if i would punch wolverine in the face, like spider-ock did

  8. K-Box in the Box

    But they STILL won't suspect the "Superior" Spider-Man is an impostor, in spite of fighting clones and shape-shifters.

  9. Erik Lexie

    #9: Don't forget that Peter will be back to taking pictures of Spider-Man for jolly ol' Jonah.

  10. Lockdown

    Before you know it, Jameson will resign as mayor, take back over the "new" Daily Bugle, Norman Osborn will take back over Osborn Industries without anyone throwing him back in prison and Aunt May will be widow again and it will be the 1970s era of Spider-Man all over again.

  11. Eddie

    #6 I hope you're right. That all makes sense. #7 That is too true to character for Marvel to use it. PERFECT Doc Ock monolgue, by the way.

  12. stillanerd

    Honestly, I think it would be hilarious if SpOck gets brought to the Avengers conference table and Captain America gives him his walking papers, then Otto just starts going off about how they're nothing but a bunch of ungrateful hypocrites and buffoons, who don't recognize a true asset to the team like himself yet are willing to keep around "a gloried archer", a "former spy", a "reformed terrorist", and a "frothing psychopath with claws." Then he finishes it off with "Mark my words, Avengers: you will rue the day you foolishly sought fit to expel me from your ranks, and I, the Superior Spider-Man, will have my revenge! Bwahahaha!" and walks away leaving them all with a bunch of blank stares.

  13. Ahmed

    This is brilliant. I mean, since Slott took over, his main thing has been making a point that it's Peter Parker that matters. I mean, that was the final message of Spider Island, and regardless of how they advertised Alpha, it still boiled down to "random everyday kid getting powers is no Peter Parker." Superior Spider-Man is going to be like every storyline where a character seemingly died and got replaced: It's going to have an awesome arc about the original's return, and things will go back to normal. And I'm going to enjoy the ride.

  14. dornwolf

    First of all, haha Herbie awesome. Secondly, this now e plains why Hickman was pretty meh on the whole thing impacting Avengers. He ain't using him, thank god actually. And thirdly, if Ock has Peters body and hence powers and he's 'superior' what's with the ninja footies.

  15. cubman987

    This makes sense, honestly I'd be disappointed if Ock didn't get Spidey kicked out of the Avengers, with how I think Superior Spider-man is going to go.

  16. Nick MB

    Fair enough. Maybe Superior is really intended to be the book-end to Slott's Big Time arc, in which Ock brings Spidey and Peter's era of peace, prosperity and good reputation to a crashing end. Which we all knew was coming from the moment it started, to be fair. The longer Spidey stayed happy and successful, the more ridiculous and massive the takedown was going to be.

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