Podcast 209: Obama Spidey Pic, ASM 699.1 Review, Spider-History Jan 1983

Podcast209Jan2013picHighlights of this episode include:
* A picture of President Obama getting webbed by a little Spidey is the President’s favorite of 2012. The gang discusses the awesome picture
*Thougths on the rejected Raimi Spider-Man 2 Lizard design.
* Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man 699.1 with the intro to the Morbius title
* JR’s This Month in Spider-History we tackle January 1983. His description of the Marvel Team UP issue is hilari
*Bertone’s Bio’s tackling Timothy Harrison, the kid who collects Spider-Man. 



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(3) Comments

  1. Jgc21

    Okay, it's been a lot of podcasts now and I have to give some advice to Don; stop interrupting others! I know he thinks he's being funny when he adds a joke/comment when someone else is talking but honestly it's distracting. Most of the time it comes off as mumbling and the listener (at least me) can't understand what he's saying. This month's podcast is particularly long, Don has plenty of time to tell his jokes or comments when it's his turn to talk. Let others speak.

  2. jack brooks

    I remember some Bill Mantlo stories, but didn't realize how awful his life later became: http://www.lifehealthpro.com/2011/11/07/tragic-tale

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