Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Returns Jan 21st

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  1. Kent Larson

    I just finished watching the first two episodes of season 2 with my 8 year old son and I am appalled. I seriously think they are damaging the brand. If this spider-man is the only introduction to the character for my son’s generation, I predict a strong drop in popularity. Who would want to be a fan of that idiot? Episode 1: Spider-man still feels guilty for Connors losing his arm (so he did something stupid last season). He wants to help but messes up and trips security protocols. This causes Connors to inject himself to save Spider-man. So Spidey screw-ups are the cause of the Lizard. Episode 2: Spider-man gives Electro a charge-up by webbing him to a big screen and firing a charge down his web. Electro thanks him while taking over all the electricity for the city. So, more screw-ups have Spidey responsible for the new Electro. On top of the big stupids, the writers have Spidey/Peter constantly saying moronic things or statements like “Puerile humor? I’d be insulted if I knew what that means.” or “…for the coup-de-grace; whatever that means”. (These examples may not be exact since I’ve deleted the episodes so I can’t check them but they are close enough for my discussion) I can only assume the powers-that-be must think Peter has to be shown as an idiot so he can be relatable to the mass public. Sorry but this can’t-be-bothered-with-no-book-learning isn’t true to the character and isn’t the Spider-Man/Peter Parker that I grew up with. Peter knows what words mean. Peter knows how to defeat security measures. He is a genius in the top 10 if not the absolute top of the minds in the Marvel universe. He may screw up on occasion but he is not the _complete_ screw up as written for this show. I’m embarrassed to show this rendition of the character to my son. I think I had to stop both episodes about 5 or 6 times to talk about how the “real” spider-man isn’t like the moron depicted on Ultimate Spider-Man. I want to watch the rest of the episodes because I’m a fan and I am always interested in any Spidey story but I really don’t want to imprint that idiot onto my son’s psyche as what spider-man means. One last nit (not a small one in my opinion) is that the producers don’t even take care to assure that physics works on their show. If the “Men Of Action” are too stupid to know how physics works, they should hire someone to review and help them fix things. For example, if you jump a bike, it will continue on its path and perhaps crash at the end of the parabolic curve even if you shut off all power after you leave the ground. It will _not_ drop out of the sky like it hit an invisible wall. Sorry for wasting space here and on the other tread with my rant but this is the only Spidey review web site that I frequent. It is my opinion that they need to change this show fast or run a big risk of irreparable damage to the brand. Good ratings for this show is a bad thing for Spider-Man. I emailed this to each of the Men Of Action addresses given on www.manofaction.tv so they can all have another review to ignore as they continue to produce this junk.

  2. DoctorCopter

    I think people need to accept this show as a comedy action-adventure that tells the story of a young Spider-man working towards becoming the best he can be. He has a lot to learn and watching him get there is fun because he can't help joking around while everyone else is serious, which is who Spider-man IS! They're just showing it in a different way by allowing the viewer inside his head, which, personally, I enjoy those little cut-aways. It's the same type of joke telling as they do on Family Guy, it works. Smile now.

  3. D.A.V.E.

    Yeah, saw the Lizard episode. The stupid cut-aways are still there, but not as frequent. But really, the weak writing is show's biggest faults. Everyone has to act like complete idiots, in this case Spidey and Connors, in order to get the plot going.

  4. Regless

    DAVE! You said it. I know they make the episodes well in advance. And I still saw a lot of potential in this show. So for season two I'm thinking okay marvel. You've heard the fans. What have you lea- **** nevermind.

  5. cubman987

    I actually enjoy this show for what it is, granted, I liked Spectacular Spider-man a lot better, but I really don't think this show is all that bad has improved as it has gone on.

  6. hornacek

    @8 - Unfortunately this is now my only source for Peter Parker as Spider-Man stories. That and the daily strip.

  7. krankyboy

    #4 Unfortunately, they've been rewarded with ratings. Jeph Loeb has already stated in a recent interview that nothing is being changed in Season 2: "On Ultimate Spider-man, Jeph Loeb stated that the show was not specifically written for younger audience. It was meant to be a funny show where Spidey talked to the audience and the audience gets to see what Spidey imagines. Jeph Loeb then stated that the ratings prove to Marvel that the show is working, and until they feel that audience wants the tone to change it is here to stay, sort of."

  8. D.A.V.E.

    Hopefully they can't learn from their mistakes, and make a better.... *sees pointless cutaways in preview* Welp, nevermind.

  9. hornacek

    Here's hoping they scrap everything that didn't work last season (which is pretty much everything) and start from scratch.

  10. Masterwslinger

    If they would stay on existing story lines and not overload it with 'in your face' jokes and tons of cross-overs, it could be a great show. I love the animation. :)

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