Phil Urich as the Hobgoblin Review

I take a look at the history of Phil Urich, the former Green Goblin and current Hobgoblin.

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  1. Lockdown

    I had conflicting reports on what was considered the "first appearance" of Phil as the Green Goblin before issue #1 of his own series, so i rolled the dice and went with Spec 225. I have to say originally I wasn't happy with Phil losing his mind either, but I have grown to enjoy it, but like I said in my review, I think it's time he was unmasked because there is a lot of great story when that happens.

  2. Hobo-Goblin

    Just a note- Phil's first appearance as the Green Goblin was in Web of Spider-Man # 125, not Spec Spidey # 225. Nice rundown, although I can't say I agree with your conclusion. I really loved Phil's own series, and the idea of a heroic Green Goblin was pretty unique and cool to me. I did not take it well when Cebulski made him evil and then Slott ran with that. Instead of remaining unique and special (the only guy to "beat" the "Goblin Curse"!), Phil's been basically reduced to Jason Macendale status now. Granted, Phil's a much richer character than Macendale and a lot funner to read about, but when you get down to it, he's just a punk who kills for money now. As opposed to the awkward misfit who was basically a good kid at his core. The kid who reminded me of myself and who I could identify with when I read his comic back in the nineties. I'm happy he's under Kingsley's thumb though least my favorite Goblin has got a lid on my second favorite Goblin.

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