Podcast 211- Carnage in Court, Osborn Impressions,Parker Kills

Podcast211Jan2013picThe Spider-Panel continues to answer your dozens of message board questions. Highlights include:
* Would Chris represent Cletus Kasady  as his lawyer. 
* Bertone does a great Harry Osborn impression which has to be heard to believe. 
* What would it take for Norman Osborn to do to make Peter Parker kill him? 


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If you missed the earlier podcast from the month. Here is podcast # 210 and  podcast # 209 and here’s podcast # 208 


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  1. Bertone

    I don't know about desktop, but my copes are downloaded to my Kindle and I could read them when I'm offline.

  2. Kent Larson

    Thanks to you all for putting in your time to entertain me (us). It's good fun and I appreciate the recommendations.One thing someone said gave me pause and I’d your feedback and opinions concerning “comiXology doesn’t let you download, you have to read them on the web.”I, too, have way more comics than space. I’m thinking of culling the herd and have considered getting all my new comics digitally but I wouldn’t be comfortable unless I could download the data to my local computer. If I pay for something, I want it in “hand”. I want to be able to copy the data to my server and to a backup and know that I can always get it when I want it.Aren’t you concerned that leaving someone else holding your book makes you vulnerable to their service? The net goes down, a flood fills their server room, etc. and all you paid for is gone or at least unavailable for a while. I know it’s a low probability of loss and maybe I’m just too much of a control freak but doesn’t that give anyone else pause?I like books because when I buy it, I own it. If you buy a digital copy, you are only leasing the data. Many lease agreements state the data owner can break the lease and take back the data at the digression of the supplier. Again, I don’t like that. I buy something, I want to own it.Your thoughts, please. Thanks for your time.

  3. Aziz

    You really looooove the Mousy this month OMG, that scene is hilarious, and JR saying how disturbing it is makes it more XD

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