Happy Birthday John Romita!

John_Romita_Sr,_2006 Join the Crawlspace in wishing John Romita Sr. a very happy 83rd Birthday! The man needs no introduction, so let’s wish him all the best!!!


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  1. Jay

    Happy Birthday, Jazzy One! Always one of my favorite Spider-Man artists. Watched that video of you drawing Spidey from start to finish so many times. Never get tired of watching a true master at work.

  2. spideytracer

    Happy Birthday to Ring-a-Ding Romita. There's no other artist quite like him. This is the guy responsible for making me fall in love with Gwendolyn Stacy when I was six years old, and I've had a thing for blondes ever since!

  3. Blazeatron

    Happy Birthday John Romita! You're without a doubt one of the all time greatest artists to ever grace Spider-Man!

  4. V

    Happy Birthday to Mary Jane's Dad! Thanks for creating two of the most iconic images in comic book history- MJ's debut and Spider-Man No More.

  5. Symbiotic_€vO

    Hapy Birthday to the one that gave dreams the most beutiful look, watching his work is completly emotional and exciting!!

  6. Eddie (not D)

    Iconic. Legendary. Often imitated, never equalled. Happy Birthday to one of the men who defined the Spider-verse. God willing, many more!!

  7. EddieD

    #2 False. There is no argument. he IS the best! His Spidey is the most widely recognized and most definitive.

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