Spider-Art #56

tumblr_l1i90yXb7b1qbeb67o1_500  It’s difficult for me to look at this image and not think of our own JR.

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  1. Donovan Grant - Post author

    I didn't know today was Romita Sr.'s birthday. Thanks for that info! Feel free to suggest any artist you'd like to see on the comments section of any pic. I'm always up for new and diverse artists and pics.

  2. Matt Byrd

    Hey Donvan, Of most these Spider-art pieces that you find I'm pretty sure I have not seen them before you have put them up, but I had found this one here way back in last August and had it on my desktop during the month of October. With today being John Romita Sr birthday I rather super surprise you don't have one his many spider art pieces for today? But do you know if Brad has a section for visitors to the site to voice who is their favorite Spider-artists and the area could have a dislike column as as well? or maybe you could add it to your part here and every month when you make the last pod cast you can include it as a segment part? I should also send you guys my past two years of Halloween costumes just for fun!

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