Podcast 213: ASM 700 Comic Shop Reactions, Outakes from Spider-Panel

Podcast213Jan2013picHighlights of this episode:
*Josh Bertone went to his local comic book shop to get reactions from customers and comic shop owners on Amazing Spider-Man # 700.

* At the end of the episode I have edited some funny outakes from the January shows. We bust up doing impressions of Mousey from the 1990s Spider-Man animated series. It is very funny stuff!


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  1. pokemon

    And it almost looks like there is a gem behind each logo. We'd celebrate long, leisurely Pajama Mornings and make breakfasts that consisted of several courses. Nevertheless there are several rules you must find out.

  2. Matt Byrd

    Hey Brad, How are you gonna makes sure some young iewer to the site doesn't get to hear PODCAST # 212 for your own protection if I may ask? because I sure as you know any kid who wants to bypass a warning label will is there someway you can keep that one PODCAST completely locked so a young twelve year old young kid won't accidentally be able to open it by mistake. I want the site to thrive as much as you do but how can you protect young kids from opening things that the shouldn't be exposed to. I 'm not a parent trying to harp on you either, I'm just wondering how could you protect the site and yourself from a lawsuit say if a parent wishes to says that site did it to my kid? and because the site has no safe guard warnings will the CRAWLSPACE have a pop up of the site is dangerous because it's been compromised and never access able again I just hope you can find a way to fix it so we as Spider-Man fans still have a cool place to come to on the web.

  3. Aziz

    I just now pay attention to Amazing Spider-Man 700 cover in that image background @Hey Don, link your review of Da Moussey episode to this entry, it will be a blast

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