Film Nerd 2.0: A Tale of Two Spider-Man’s

This is a great story by Drew McWeeny, writer of the Film Nerd 2.0 column on, about his two sons’ first viewing of Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man, their impressions of both, and the really awesome impact the character of Peter Parker had on one of them. It’s a long article, taking up two pages, but it’s well worth the read for Spider-Man fans like us. I couldn’t help but smile and feel my heart warmed a little bit when I read the last paragraph.

Give the article a read here:

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  1. jdp13

    Great article. Parts of this certainly start to hit home for me as my daughter is turning 4 soon. In a couple of years I look forward to showing these movies and others that I've enjoyed through the years to her. Interesting how they liked the Lizard more than the Green Goblin. This is the same reaction I had to the Lizard when I was a kid and why he was always my favorite villian. He's a giant freakin' lizard, what's cooler than that when your a kid? Now as an old man I obviously get his limitations as a character and I'm much more a fan of the Green Goblin, Doc Ock and others. Having said that, I still count the Lizard among my favorites for sentimental reason. Also, a giant freakin' lizard is still pretty cool!

  2. V

    I love amazing stuff like this because it shows that kids are far more perceptive and intelligent than we ever give them credit for. Which is why they can enjoy even something as complex as the Nolan Bat films. I hope TASM2 has well-rounded, fleshed out characters and they go light on the "Missing Parents" gimmick, because nobody really cares about that.

  3. Adam

    Awesome read, its always fun to see how kids perceive comics and movies, I think it helps to put them into perspective.

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