What Did Mary Jane Say to Mephisto?

It seems I missed this on Bleeding Cool. A member found that if you zoom in close enough on the digital file at Marvel.com you can see a reversed of the text. It seems to say, “You will make me remember everything.”

That seems to be the original intention of the panel. But it was later revealed in OMIT that wasn’t quite the case. What do you think, do you prefer M.J. remembering everything? 

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  1. Mops

    The thing is I do think that MJ remembers everything. In OMIT at least to me, it seemed like she knew more then she was letting on. At least that's what I thought. I think it was always meant to be an out, something they could fall back on if the sales tanked. That and Loki's favor.

  2. Spider-Dad

    BD,It was discussed on the CS message boards here... http://spidermancrawlspace.com/wwwboard/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9793I think it is interesting someone was able to decipher the original text, but I as noted in the message thread, many fans were thinking that was the case. Unfortunately, OMIT somewhat makes this confirmation somewhat irrelevant, since we know Marvel will not address it.

  3. RDMacQ

    Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised that Marvel decided to scrub this idea, if it was in the works. The reaction to OMD was so toxic that I don't think they were safe referring back to it without at least trying to fix it. Unfortunately, this created a gigantic plot hole in their stories that they needed to clear up, so instead we got OMIT. Which is kind of like napalming the forest when you're trying to stop a blaze from growing out of control.

  4. Big Al

    looking at the last scene of OMD after the deal was made and we were into the Brandnewverse as well as the Peter Parker Papparazzi arc you get the vibe that was the original intention. However for MJ to act the way she did up to the Papparazzi arc and up to now would be even more detrimental to her character than what we actually wound up with. Not saying what we got wasn't detrimental just it wasn't as big a mess as we could've had. Ironically though the Crawlspace comic ran with this premise and actually made it work

  5. Erik Lexie

    @3: This is most definitely not gibberish. It's very clear what it says if you give it a close examination.that of course doesn't necessarily mean that it means anything. It doesn't give any indication of who's responsible for its presence. But it's definitely there.If you don't believe me, here. I spent about sixty seconds erasing lines here and there on the image: http://i.imgur.com/5adOFSB.jpg

  6. Matt Byrd

    I think if Queasda wants to save his ass from the frying pan at the very last second HE DID have Mary Jane say what has been scrabbled by letter of the title. So he wouldn't have such a backlash of hate towards everything being his soul fault? Or more likely since Mr. Q doesn't care it was JMS last attempt to try putting the mark of the fans faith in a actual written piece that at least HE as the writter for last five years at the time had the same thoughts but couldn't voice it because Mr Q was in charge! But who really knows about if Queasda cares about the state Marvel is in as long as he can do what HE WANTS. I'm not saying as a person Joe is bad but his way off on business sense leaves a lot to be fixed when he do leave?

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