Spidey on Pawn Stars

stan-lee-sketchesThe most recent episode of Pawn Stars had a guy selling artwork of Spider-Man by Stan Lee. Yeah, it’s an odd sell. I can’t embed the video but here is the link. 


Also a guy tried to sell an Amazing Spider-Man # 1 on a recent episode. Click here to see it. 

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  1. Boukenred

    I've seen Stan does a sketch for many of the blank variant cover all the time and Spider-man is one of the most common one, so it's not rare at all to see a sketch. Even if it was sketch by Stan Lee, the value shouldn't be as high as the guy had hoped for.

  2. Book Face

    I saw that episode. The guy had Stan do the little drawing twice (one year apart) and you can tell by the drawing on the left that Stan was getting P.O.'d at the guy for having him do it again. I don't blame Stan haha! I'd have gotten P.O.d too!

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