Collectors 2-10-13


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  1. Eddie deAngelini - Post author

    Thanks, guys! I'm glad my strips get a laugh out of you and thanks for the great comments! Remember, if you'd like to see your comments in print (good, bad, odd, stalker-like, etc.) don't forget to send me your letters for the upcoming first issue of Collectors:

  2. Matt Byrd

    I can see why people (mostly fans of Spidey), want to make up their own funny bits. With the character so outta place, with the very company that makes him doesn't get it? We want the web slinger light and relate able NOT DARK and having a Star Trek mind meld moment for however long Dan Slott wants! Great Job once again Eddie you've shown why we as comic fans love the characters we do regardless if it were Batman, or Spawn whose miss handled your sharing real love by creating a funny comic every Sunday. And that's what we know true love is about, right?

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