BD’s E-Bay Auctions

Gang, I’m clearing out some comics and selling them on E-Bay. 
Please take a look at the three auctions I’ve got up. 

Justice League New 52 # 1-12 NM Full Run Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

Supreme Power Complete Set, Squadron Supreme (67 comic lot) Marvel Mini’s

DC New 52 Batgirl #1-3, Superman #1-3, Action Comics#1-5 (11 comic lot)

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  1. Warren

    Pity you're dropping New 52 Justice League BD. Sometimes able to borrow a friends copy for a few days to read and even though I'm still many issues behind, this seems like the Justice League series I've been waiting years to read since discovering DC in 2006. A pity shipping isn't outside the U.S. as well, otherwise I'd possibly give some more serious thought to picking this up.

  2. BD - Post author

    I dropped all the New 52 titles with the exception of the Batman titles. I'm digging those. JL just wasn't for me. The art was pretty.

  3. Enigma_2099

    You read the Justice League comic? Did the whirlwind romance rub you the wrong way too? Especially since Lois is still around?

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