FLASHBACK REVIEW: Spectacular Spider-Girl #3!

spec 3Hello Folks! Kevin Cushing let me take the reigns from his ‘Flashback Series’ of reviews that are filling in the gaps in our reviews of various mini series, or ongoings on the website. This is the first of three reviews that will wrap up the Spider Girl title here on the site.

So endulge me here, while I do my best Kevin impression.

So a brief confession: I was the original reviewer of the book back in 2010-2011. Not having this review turned in was a major faux pa on my part, and I’m here to rectify that for not only Mr. Brad Douglas, but the friends of Spider-Girl who have fought so hard for the title for so many years. These reviews are for you.

Without further ado….
“Caught Between Killers!” & “The Razored Path!”
INKS BY: Sal Bucemea

BACKSTORY: See this review for more on the previous issue, and this review for the first issue.
prv5712_pg2BASIC STORY: Mayday, Wildcard, and Punisher have it out, as it began last issue. Mayhem goes after Black Tanchula, who takes out Arana. Mayday interfers and the two tussle, with Mayhem being on the receiving end, leading to the second half of the issue. Mayhem continues her beat down of May, before leaving a going home, where she smacks MJ across the room. May also heads home before going toe to toe with Wildcard, who is revealed to be Peter Parker in disguise. May takes him out fairly handily. Punisher begins his fight with Man Mountain Marko, who is trying to get the location for Silvo. And finally we get the reveal of who is behind the curtain as to who brought back Silverback into the game… None other than the Hobgoblin!


THOUGHTS: While its very clear that this issue (nay, the entire four issue mini series) was written for the former format that it was featured, the ‘Web of Spider-Man’ anthology series that ran for 12 issues during the Gauntlet storyline. The book is split in half, with two stories taking place in this format. As such there are two reveals in this issue and two cliffhangers.
prv5712_pg7For much of Spider-Girl’s history there have been two Goblins in the series: Normie Osborn, the reformed Goblin and Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, who was defeated early on in the Amazing Spider-Girl run that lasted 25 issues. His return is welcomed, as he was one of the major baddies of the three series that featured Mayday as the headliner. Overall, it seems however, that this was intended to be an ongoing series, and NOT a mini-series. So while there is several plotlines that are to be resolved in the next two issues, it does set up the showdown between the Hobgoblin, Mayhem, Mayday, and Punisher.
As for the artwork, its wonderful. Pure and simple. Wonderfully penciled, and great inks by Sal. These two have worked together for years and it shows. There have been teams that can’t finish a year’s worth of stories, much less over 50 issues together.
Solid book, good artwork.

4 out of 5 webs.

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