Ultimate Spider-Man NO MORE?

1360679583 CBR posted this teaser image with Brian Michael Bendis revealing a time skip in the coming issues of Ultimate Spider-Man.

“It’s a pretty big deal. I got to a place with “Ultimate Spider-Man” where we’re allowed to go a little crazy, and I’ve decided to do so — both with story status quo and in terms of not having to make every issue the next day.”

Could Miles tenure as the Ultimate Spider-Man be a temporary one?

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  1. MeepMeep

    Hmmm... I think a time skip would be cool. It's illogical for Fury to let Miles run around when everyone said Peter, who was older, smarter, stronger and more experience than Miles, was too young to do what he was doing which resulted in his death. If the book had Spider-Woman as an Ultimate agent taking on Miles as a sidekick and you saw him getting training and what not it would make more sense. So if there's a time skip it would help things make a bit more sense in that regard. I just hope Bendis picks up the pace and starts getting more interesting again. I think his USM has been pretty meh tier since The Ultimate Clone Saga.

  2. Spidey-dan

    @DiabeticSpidey I don't see how some people still dislike Miles, he is a really promising character and is quite likeable, yes he's different and should probably have been introduced in a different way and not just as a replacement for Ultimate Peter Parker, however he has an interesting storyline unfolding before him. Just a random question, would people make so much fuss about him as they do right now if for example he was NOT introduced as the new spiderman but rather as a new superhero who happens to have similar abilities but a different name. From what I've seen/heard the whole hate is about him replacing Peter. Though it was a questionable way to invent a new character, I think its kind of silly having all this Morales hate. Yes, he is not Peter Parker, he's different, but he's still an interesting and worthy spiderman.With the unfolding events in his life as spiderman, I'm not too surprised that he may quit even if it is merely 23 issues in. I do kind of still think he is way too young to handle some things that Parker had to deal with as Spidey, so I don't blame them if they choose to hiatus and maybe age him a bit or time skip. I definitely would like to see an older stronger Miles who'll be ready to fully take on the role of spidey, maybe now they can focus on spiderwoman for a while as she is an interesting character on her own. Miles should definitely come back. As for originality, well its a shame this concept/phase has been used one too many times before, but just like with Ultimate Parker, in this story there is a real deal as to why he should quit, Miley's actions won't be forced in any way but are really rather natural considering what he has gone through and what's to come. Looking forward to this issue as usual, really enjoying his story so far as much as I enjoyed Peter's.Haters gonna hate, but Miles is pretty awesome and a well fitting successor to Parker... Just grow up already okay!! This is both to Miles and his haters XD

  3. DiabeticSpidey

    The only issue of this run I've enjoyed was 16.1.......probably because Miles wasn't in it except for flashbacks.

  4. Spec Spider Fan

    Ultimately, pun intended, he is 13 and way too young to carry this mantle...as a side kick with support, absolutely, but with current Marvel optimum level opponents, his age and inexperience will eventually be his undoing, so maybe a little hiatus wouldn't be a bad thing...Bendis is capable either way.

  5. Spider-Dad

    Nice homage to ASM #50. I hope the story is not a complete retelling, but Miles has a different reason to hang them up...looking forward to how Bendis tells this story.

  6. nate

    As always, I have complete and implicit trust in Bendis's ability to tell this story amazingly, like normal

  7. krankyboy

    @5 Unfortunately, no. My guess is that there will be a time jump which picks up a year or two later. And Miles will once again become "Spider-Man" to defeat a whole new set of villains with his magic zap fingers. Oh, I'm sorry... "venom sting."

  8. Aziz

    @4: Maybe yes, maybe no@5: I don't think that will happen, if it did, that will be an outcome to a bad cheap lie

  9. Emmanuel

    He'll either hang it up for a little while, or he'll have a new costume and come back. Probably something to that effect.

  10. Aziz

    This might actually get me to read the story of Miles Morales So long as they do finish it and do not return to this universe

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