3rd Print for ASM 700

ASM1999700_DC13Marvel Unveils Superior THIRD Printing Cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700! 

It’s the story that rocked headlines around the world – Peter Parker is no more. Long live the Superior Spider-Man! Due to overwhelming demand, Marvel is proud to present your first look at the ALL-NEW, jaw dropping THIRD printing cover toAmazing Spider-Man #700 by superstar Giuseppe Camuncoli. That’s right, the 700th issue of the long running series is no longer available at the distributor level and if you missed Dan Slott & Humberto Ramos’ critically acclaimed story the first (and second) time around, head over to your local comic shop and reserve the Amazing Spider-Man #700 Third Printing Variant.


But don’t take our word for it – see what everyone has to say about Peter Parker’s final fight against Doctor Octopus!


“Slott will be remembered as one of the best Spider-Man writers of all time.” – Aint It Cool News


“[A]n emotional, impactful and memorable Spider-Man story.” – ComicBookResources.com


“Dan Slott has done everything in his power to remind us all why Peter Parker is the greatest super-hero in the Marvel Universe.” – Newsarama.com


“The conflict is certainly worthy of a milestone issue.” – IGN.com


Don’t miss out on the story that’s taken the world by storm—Amazing Spider-Man #700 Third Printing Variant on-sale later this month at your local comic shop!






FOC – 2/25/13, ON SALE – 3/27/13

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(9) Comments

  1. Spider-Dad

    "That’s right, the 700th issue of the long running series is no longer available at the distributor level". That is probably true, but it is available at most comic shops. Got to admit this is a nice throwback cover. Like the banner at the bottom. Definetely one of the more shocking endings of all time. Good ending? Mileage will vary...

  2. hornacek

    @4 - "critically acclaimed" usually means that almost all critics think it's amazing (no pun intended), like 4-5 out of 5 stars. From what I've seen a minority give this issue that high a rating. I'd say the majority of critics would be in the 2.5-3 out of 5 stars - average to good. It's like saying Breaking Dawn Part 2 was "critically acclaimed" when actually most of the reviews said "it's better than the other Twilight movies, which were awful". @7 - I would say that a lot of people are going to disagree wholeheartedly with ANY positive quote from Aint It Cool News

  3. Lvenger

    I think a lot of Spider-Man fans are going to disagree wholeheartedly with the quote "“Slott will be remembered as one of the best Spider-Man writers of all time.” – Aint It Cool News" Truthfully he has written some fantastic Spider-Man stories like the Big Time, Spider-Island and that one off after the death of Marla Jameson but I doubt he'll shake off the whole Superior Spider-Man affair.

  4. Mike 13

    Damn... the only 3rd printing I own is a TMNT #2... my TNMT #1 is a fourth... I really dig the cover... dammit... I just might get it.

  5. Boomstick

    I think "critically acclaimed" is a stretchg. Marvel May want it to seem that way (and it's an old PR ploy we emnploy in the media, saying that somthing is "critically acclaimed" or "well received" ...but only after we cherry pick a few favorable reviews from friends. It's not a practice I'm crazy about, but that's the biz). I suggest taking that particular pronouncement witha grain of salt.

  6. Nick MB

    @3 It did get quite a few good reviews from critics. So "critically acclaimed" seems a valid phrasing. Not as if they said "universally acclaimed".

  7. Nick MB

    Nice. I kinda hope it goes to further printings, just to see more of these classic-covers-with-Doc-Ock. (But realistically, this is probably the last one.)

  8. fantasyfreak

    I like this one better than the second printing variant. Not sure why though. Is it just me, or are some of the background faces kind of creepy?

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