New Spider-Eyes in ASM 2

spidereyesDirector Marc Webb is sending out more tweets about Amazing Spider-Man 2. He hid this image in a video. Do you like the bigger eyes? 

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  1. Spider-Gopher24

    Personally, I hope it's part of the normal costume, and that we get a more classic design. I'm just saying that there's an outside possibility.

  2. Extreme Spider

    It looks removable so it can't be part of the Venom Symbiote. But is it possible we could get a more classic costume? Because this eye piece looks like part of a classic Spidey costume.

  3. Spider-Gopher24

    Is it new eye-pieces? Or with rumors of possible black-suit/venom, and with the all-black background, could it be somewhat related to that? These teasers are pretty cryptic, so I'm not sure how much we should read into everything.

  4. Sbee613

    Sorry for that rant I'm still effected by what slott and wacker have done to marvels number 1 hero. But sincerely yeah those eyes look much better than the original I hope the suit looks more like the traditional amazing spider-man.

  5. Sbee613

    I really like them now all we need is slott to come in add a whole bunch of other changes and completely ruin asm2 I'm sure he had something to do with these eyes considering how much they look like that guy who thinks he's spider-man but is actually just a creep in a suit.

  6. fantasyfreak

    The (admittedly trivial) question is, will it have an explanation in story, or is it just a cosmetic change? I think I like it either way.

  7. Donovan Grant

    I do honestly. I liked in ASM how the lenses were reflective, but the default yellowish-golden coloring was off to me. This looks more traditional.

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