Podcast 214: Unsung Spidey Creators, Spec Magazine, Osborn Hair

Podcast214Feb2013picIn this episode we take your dozens of message board questions for the Spider-Panel.Highlights include:
*We talk about our unsung Spider-Man creators from the last 50 years.
*JR talks about one of the best Green Goblin stories in the the 1968 Spectacular Spider-Man 2 magazine
*Slott’s love of continuity mentions in recent Amazing Spider-Man issues
*We discuss Harry Osborn’s new shaved head hairdo.


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(2) Comments

  1. Aziz

    Crazy awesome coming after the delay Nice intro theme, I thought it will mix Ninja Turtles with Spider-Man. Funny stuff Nice Life JR I hope things turn better for you Kevin From Ninja Turtles intro to Pizza with Zach. Terrific Cool poetry Don, you should chant it in the next Spider-Man musical It's weird to start with the Message Board question

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