New Spider-Man Costume in ASM2

hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_1Coming got a nice scoop with a first look at the new Spider-costume in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. The eyes are bigger and white, not yellow. What are your thoughts? 

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  1. Max A. Frankow

    Only thing I wish they would do with the suit is lose the raised webbing. But it could be cool seeing how Peter comes up with the suit.

  2. fantasyfreak

    To me it definitely looks like they took the raimi suit and updated it, and I like that. I don´t understand what people have against the raised webbing though(here or in the Raimi films), I think it looks fine.

  3. Iron Patriot

    Only thing that's disappointing me is that the blues are a bit toned down. I prefer the brighter look the first ASM costume had. We'll see if it's just the lighting and the camera quality making it look darker.

  4. Big Al

    I love it. I genuinly liked the design of the costume from ASM 1 as a cool alternative to the classic suit. but at the end of the day its the classic design I love and this looks like it was a Deodado drawn Spider-Man made real

  5. Bassdelux

    Love the eyes, was never a fan of raised webbing tho. Glad to see the tradition suit back. The suit from the first film grew on me tho haha.

  6. Jay

    This is a VAST improvement from the last movie, and the raised webbing is thinner than Raimi's, thus allowing for more of the red and the underlying musculature to be shown. And the eyes are SPOT-ON Bagley. Only minor complaint is there are two rows of webbing on the "belt" when there should only be one. Then again, MacFarlane drew more than one row when he was on the book so it's really minor. I wonder if they'll keep the nozzle of the web shooters on the outside of his gloves, still. That worked. Minus the red light.

  7. SpiderboyN2Jesus

    WOW!!! That is absolutely amazing!!! You've gotta be kidding me! That's fricking PERFECT! I especially love the eyes! I actually like the thinner webs myself. I don't recall them ever being bold in the comics--just pencil lines. The only that's off now is that it still doesn't look like it was home-made by high-school-er, but that's not something you can really expect from a blockbuster movie, I suppose. Maybe in the first film when he first makes the suit, but after that; meh, I'm fine with a sleek factory-made suit.

  8. Spider-Dad

    Much improved! If the feet, "belt" and hands look more like the comic, the happier I will be. Good direction..

  9. Ed K.

    Those pics that reader (#16) posted seem to indicate that the "belt" is back too. We still don't have a good shot of the full suit, but from what I've seen I'm very impressed...this is a night and day improvement over the first ASM suit, and honestly I think the eyes make it look better than the Raimi suit. I'm definitely even more excited for the sequel than I was before. Good job Webb and crew, looks like you got it right!

  10. Phil

    I don't think the webbing is silver again. I think it's still black. It's just the intense lighting on the suit. If you look at some photos of the first TASM movie the black looks silver also in some cases. All in all I'm all for this suit, although I miss some of the liberties they took to make it different from the Raimi suit. Like the raised webbing, although it's thinner and less noticeable. All in all, I think this is the best suit to date.

  11. Jesse

    you gotta be shitting me it looks like that? Its a complete re-haul. Talk about an improvement. I Love it. Now thats more like it no mor squished basketball face. This is a true miracle. Thank You!

  12. Parabolee

    OMG! I LOVE IT!!!Wow they really listened! Not only did they fix everything (from what we can see). But they made it better than ever! This is (so far) the BEST movie Spidey costume so far!SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!

  13. Donovan Grant

    I'm all for big eyes, although I do hope the film will have them be more reflective like they were in ASM. I thought the original web lining from the last movie nailed it, so I really don't like the silver-ish raised webbing in this suit. I'm used to it from the Raimi movies but never dug it.

  14. jdp13

    Absolutely love it. It may wind up surpassing the Raimi suit as my favorite. I agree it's very similar (I had to take a double take the first time I saw it) but I'm OK with that.

  15. stillanerd

    WOW! It's like the filmmakers heard all the criticism and realized "Yeah, the suit we used for the last movie really was 'change for the sake of change' like everyone said, so let's go back to basics and make it even more like it came right off the comic book page because that is what's proven to actually work!" Granted, you got the raised webbing and it's only the top half of the suit, but even so, it already looks terrific--especially the mask.

  16. cubman987

    I LOVE this design. I didn't have a huge problem with the costume in the first one but I do like this a lot better.

  17. Javi Trujillo

    Love what they've shown so far, no for the rest! The eyes remind me of 'Ringo, though I've heard others say Bagley. I don't think the eyes are big enough for Ultimate Bagley!

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