First Shots of Mary Jane in ASM2

A photographer was able to snap some pictures of Shailene Woodley playing Mary Jane in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. They were also able to snap a better picture of the new re-designed Spider-suit. What do you think of the new pics? 

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  1. crutch

    the girl who plays richard castle's daughter on castle whould have been perfect. her name is molly quinn.

  2. CrazyChris

    Yeah, c'mon guys. You're judging pictures of her walking to the set in comparison to what Emma Stone looks like in a finished movie scene.

  3. Max A. Frankow

    I don't think she's filming yet. No makeup. Woodley is a real cutie, and I think she'll do just fine in the role. Better then Kirsten Dunst, anyway.

  4. Javi Trujillo

    "Getting to be" Herbie? It's well past! Batman Returns, Spidey 1-3, Amazing Spidey, Iron Man, Daredevil, the list goes on!

  5. herbiepopnecker

    i just hope the mask stays in one piece in this movie! Having it get ripped and torn and demolished is getting to be cliche.

  6. hornacek

    #8 - yes. Despite whatever problems you had with Kristen in the SM1-3, she was beautiful. #9 - I hated to post that since I thought she was great in The Descendants and looked beautiful in it. I couldn't believe this was the same actress. If she looked like she did in TD I would say "ok, they picked the right actress at least for the look" but based on these pictures she doesn't look attractive enough to portray MJ, who let's face it, according to the Lee/Ditko stories, is supposed to be gorgeous.

  7. cubman987

    Shailene Woodley is a pretty girl and very good actress. The pictures here are admittedly somewhat unflattering, but I have a feeling that she wil be a great MJ. Either way she has to be better than Kirsten Dunst was.

  8. Eddie

    Let's be nice to this girl. However unlikely, she might read these comments. While I see the point @#1, let's face it - almost no one looks like a woman from a comic book. Those that might have probably had work done. I don't know the actress, but she might have enough personality to pull off MJ, which by the way, will be the most important factor. She has to be able to charm us down to our socks when she says, "face it tiger..." @#8 - point well taken. I don't think she had the charm of MJ, which didn't help.

  9. spideytracer

    The suit looks great, and so does MJ. I've seen a picture of Garfield in the old suit from the first movie, so maybe we'll get to see the transition from one to the other in the second movie. Personally I think Gwen will have some input with the new suit, because after all, Gwen's as clever as Peter in this movie universe of Spidey. I don't understand how the new suit is already garnering its detractors. In my opinion its even closer to the comic version of the suit than even the Raimi suit was. I guess there's no pleasing some geeks out there.

  10. JT

    I think this scene will be taking place at the Parker residence, with Spidey just back from busting some goonies. Cue Aunt May introducing Peter to Anna Watson's wonderful niece and voila, you have "Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot!" Well, that's how I think it will go down anyway. Would be cool. Also, she will be wearing make-up for the final shot, which, along with the proper lighting and post production work, will make a helluva difference.

  11. Kelv

    Well, as I've been telling almost everyone, she looks a LOT better with make-up. And she actually does look like Mary-Jane in her first appearance.

  12. Javi Trujillo

    I'm happy to see a more classic version of the suit with the belt back and the leg stripe gone!

  13. Tabularasa

    I think she looks fine for a high school version of Mary Jane. I don't think they're going for supermodel Mary Jane, and I never liked the supermodel thing anyway.

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