Mary Jane is a Biker in ASM2

More pictures are coming out from the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2. It seems Mary Jane is a biker chick. 

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  1. hornacek

    If she looked like she did in The Descendants she would be looks-appropriate for this movie. I don't know what's going on with her in these photos.

  2. Max A. Frankow

    All I can say is we'll see. If you seen some of Woodley's modeling, you'll know that she's absolutely gorgeous.

  3. MK

    #3 I think that's the heart of the problem--Emma Stone would have been an amazing MJ on all levels--physical, personality, and emotional, and, although she's a great actress, she's not a natural Gwen. Now it's kind of hard to let go of that, especially with Emma in the movie too. The new actress I can see as the party girl MJ and friend MJ, but there has to be a certain wow factor to pull off the "jackpot" moment--not sure I see it yet, but this is a very limited sample, so we'll see.

  4. Spec Spider Fan

    I say this with absolutely no disrespect as a 35 year + reader of Spidey. Capable actress or not,....this young lady while attractive is not a stunner/head turner and while MJ's character is not merely physical...this is the one attribute that has stuck since her introduction...she is so gorgeous that Peter always feels she is out of his league......meh, my opinion matters little. ASM 2 will be as big if not bigger than ASM (Garfield version). I will have kids and older folks too:) telling me this is a "better Spider-man franchise...grittier and more real..."...minus of course the morality and sacrifice the character has been known for since his creation. Again, what do I know. I do, however, profess that Emma Stone is a very good Gwen Stacy but would have been a better MJ, particularly with her formerly trade mark red hair...ah well, we shall see......

  5. JT

    She's cute. And this is a new direction they are going with MJ. I actually prefer this to the Ultimate version of Mary Jane. Emphasizes the street smart and charismatic appeal of the character.

  6. Sbee613

    The more pictures of her I see the more unsettled I'm becoming. Arguably the most important woman in Pete's life and this is her? I really feel for him

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