BD Interviews Drew Barrymore

This doesn’t have anything to do with Spider-Man, but I just had to share. My day job is that of a reporter for an NBC affiliate. I had a chance to interview someone I’ve always wanted to talk to and that’s Drew Barrymore. She and I happen to share the same birthday and year of February 22nd 1975. She’s promoting her new makeup line Flower, but at the end of the interview we talk about sharing the same birthday. It’s a fun birthday and she made my day.

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  1. Matt Byrd

    BD, I am glad that you know someone like you and Berrymore share a day called a birth date to always call your own. Still I think if everyone looked up their favorite person in the whole wide world you can find at least something the two you may have in common. Oh and I know at least someone else who is very special birthday wise, it is my niece Heidi and Stan Lee share the same birthday which is well any spider-man fan should know Lee's big day is of course on December 28th, Nuff Said!

  2. Enigma_2099

    Wow, it's kinda eerily cool to match a MOVING image to the voice. Okay, I admit it. you DO have a voice for TV.

  3. MadGoblin

    So you're saying that if not for the cruel calculations of fate (and hair), that you could have been the youngest moppet in the ET flick?

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