Donald Glover speaks on Spider-Man campaign

Back in November 2011, Donald Glover spoke about the online campaign for him to be the new Spider-Man in the films. He discusses the negative reaction he received from it and how it inspired his rap career. The Spidey-Talk in the video starts from :22-3:46. *CAUTION* Strong, inflammatory language is used.

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  2. JMH

    I'm not a fan of Glover as a performer... so odds are I wouldn't like him as Spidey either. I just don't find him very funny or entertaining, but to each their own.

  3. Tom Winstone

    I would watch Donald Glover as Peter Parker no question. He'd be the funniest actor to play PP, but I know he could do he drama was well. Logan Lerman would also have been a good choice, but to quote DG 'I would go broke' watching him as Spider-man

  4. krankyboy

    #13 All kidding aside, here's a bit of bizarre irony: Logan Lerman is going to star in a film entitled "The Only Living Boy in New York" which is being directed by... Marc Webb. Go figure. Someone must have handed over their first born. ;-)

  5. Enigma_2099

    @#11 Waitaminute... you're messing with me, aren't you? Oh you witty rapscallion, you!

  6. krankyboy

    @9 You mean his 20 million price tag per film plus a cut of the gross along with the first born child of every Sony executive was too high a price?

  7. Max A. Frankow

    No he wouldn't of, simply because Peter Parker isn't black. Not trying to sound rascist because its not meant to be. You can get away with it with other characters, but not Spider-Man. Same would go for Black Panther or Falcon being changed to a white guy. It just doesn't go together. Besides, there's a black Spider-Man already, and he's pretty kick ass. I'm actually loving Ultimate a bit more then Superior, though the later has pleasantly surprised me.

  8. krankyboy

    With all due respect, both Mr. Glover and Mr. Garfield were utterly wrong for the part (the former more than the latter). Honestly, it's a shame that Logan Lerman wasn't chosen, partially due to the fact that "Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief" became such a box office and critical mediocrity. Apparently his agents also wanted him to get the lead part in Paul Anderson's "The Three Musketeers." Without any hint of a commitment from Sony for the Spider-Man role, they moved on. But as a sixteen year-old high schooler based loosely on Ultimate Spider-Man, Lerman would've looked great as Peter Parker, that's for sure. And with each film, he's proving more and more the type of strong acting chops he's got. Oh well.

  9. Enigma_2099

    The reason to NOT have a black Spider-man in the current continuity is simply because he's been a white Peter Parker for years. That's it. Reboot? End the current run? Alternate reality? Sure, why not. Changing for the sake of changing is just silly. That being said I want him to do it now just to piss off all those people making hateful twitter comments.

  10. The Bechtloff

    I didn't want a black spider-man for the same reason I don't want a blonde superman, I want an actor that looks like the character. Some lesser B and C list characters I don't mind, but not Spider-man.

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