cullenBunnVenom 32 coverI‘m going to be heading to the St. Louis Wizard Comic Con on March 22-24th. Venom writer Cullen Bunn will be at that the show and he’s agreed to do a video interview with me.
He’ll also take message board questions from the Crawlspace. So please post them here and I’ll ask him at the convention.

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4 Responses to “Ask Writer Cullen Bunn A Question”

  1. #1 Bertone says:

    His SECOND appearance on the show. Just saying $

  2. #2 Max A. Frankow says:

    Will Flash and Peter(whether he’s Ock or back to normal by the time this happens if it even does) have a team up and finally figure out each other’s secrets?

    And when will Flash be rid of the demon that is currently inside of him?

  3. #3 Jesse says:

    What is your opinion of Venom’s current power set? are there any capabilities, that you think are a little too convenient?

  4. #4 BD says:

    Gang, can you please write these in the thread on the message board. I’d like them all in one spot.

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