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  1. Blazeatron

    @Eddie deAngelini I agree with what you say about yourself. You're American with Italian heritage. My Mum is English and my Dad is Greek. I was born and raised in London and English is my first and only speaking language so I class myself as English.

  2. AmFan15

    @ #2) Hornacek: Also, there was Longshot, from the X-Men comics in the mid-80's. mutant power was a probability field, which gave him "good luck", no matter how improbable it was.

  3. Eddie deAngelini - Post author

    Not that I'm trying to start an argument over this, but this is something that I spend too much time pondering. When people meet my family or read/hear my last name, they say "Oh, you're Italian." I tell them "No, I was born here in the U.S." They respond "I know, but your race is Italian." No, there's no such thing as the Italian race.Okay, end of rant. Back to Spidey.

  4. Eddie deAngelini - Post author

    Extreme Spider: My 2 cents, Irish isn't a race it's a nationality. Your nationality is where you were born. Happy to say Pete is 100% American. Both of my parents are Italian immigrants, but I was born in Chicago. At most, I could say I'm from Italian descent, but I was born here so I'm 100% American same as Spidey.

  5. Extreme Spider

    I think I read somewhere that Peter Parker has some Irish in him. I forgot where though... Maybe JR or Bertone know.

  6. hornacek

    There's Domino who kinda has good-luck powers. Black Cat gained good-luck powers from the Kingpin.Wasn't there an Irish superhero introduced in the Contest of Champions mini-series? Dressed in green, had a shamrock on his costume?

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