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434 (2)654 (2)648 (2)Hey guys, Kevin here. BD was nice enough to make a post on the front page when I started listing thousands of my comics on ebay to make a little money for, ya know, rent and food. I wanted to come back and let you know I’ve got my Spider-Man (and related) auctions listed now, and give you guys the links so you can get in on them! Click on a link below and it will take you to the corresponding auction! Bid early! Bid often! Bid high! They start ending in 2 days, so don’t miss out!


HUGE Spider-Man Clone Saga lot – Scarlet Spider era – 60 comics! 15 crossovers!

HUGE Spider-Man Clone Saga lot – Spider-Ben era – 59 comics!

Spider-Man COMPLETE Brand New Day era! 125 issues! Amazing Web Extra Annuals 600

Amazing Spider-Man – 51 comics by Dan Slott! Big Time! Spider-Island! Issue 700!

Spider-Man mixed lot 60 comics! Annual 5, 21, Clone Saga, Black Cat, House of M!

Spider-Man lot of Friendly Neighborhood and Sensational plus first Carnage!

59 Morbius comics! Complete Living Vampire! ASM 102! MTU 3! Spider-Man! Zombies!

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  1. Aziz

    Must be a really sad decision to get read of all these comics Good luck finding a buyer for OMD

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