Death of Gwen in ASM2?

gwenclothesSo I’m staring at Emma Stone’s outfit in this recent set picture of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and thought it looked familiar.
Could this be the outfit she wears when she bites the dust? It sure looks familiar. 

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  1. Enigma_2099

    @#15Michael Bay's not involved with this, is he? Cause he just loved trying to lie to the fans to try and throw the off.

  2. Peter Perverto

    Okay, SPOILER WARNING noted, ready to move on? Final Warning?? A source close to the production has provided with the following pieces of information on The Amazing Spider-Man 2:there will be no Green Goblin in this movie but LOTS of teasers and foreshadowing for the next movie - apparently Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) hasn't been cured yet and is still dying. Now for the big spoiler: Just as most of us suspected, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) will indeed check out in this film, but perhaps more surprising is that it's been hinted - note we don't know this for certain - that this won't even happen at the end, and Stone's role may not be very large at all.source:

  3. Donovan Grant

    Emma Stone herself said she knows she's going to die in this franchise and that she's cool with that.

  4. Jack Brooks

    I would be fine if they didn't kill Gwen, just to pull the rug out from under everyone who thinks they already know what's going to happen!

  5. Enigma_2099

    Why does everyone think she's gonna die? I mean they've already changed so much already. What's one more little thing?

  6. tnr105

    Movie Gwen is Ultimate MJ. Ultimate Gwen does die, but comes back as a Carnage poop clone. :/ I'd rather not kill her off unless it's the Goblin who does it, and I'd rather Norman as the Goblin be the villain of the 3rd film; so...

  7. Nick

    Most likely she will die in 3 unless they make unwanted changes to screw fans over with a twist. If she doesnt die in the movies i hope they bring her back in the book

  8. Jay

    Definitely not. Leave Gwen's death till ASM3. Let the Goblin be the reason. Keep things AS IS, Webb. Don't go off the page.

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