Superior Carnage announced


superiorcarnage_02 In addition to the Superior Foes title announced earlier this week, Newsarama has confirmed an additional Carnage mini-series titled “Superior Carnage” by writer Kevin Shinick and artist Stephen Segovia.

“”I’ve decided that, kind of like and inspired by the way the government  and the Avengers have used Venom and turned him into Agent Venom, that  the Wizard has gotten the idea that if he can harness Carnage and  convert him into sort of an agent evil, that it would be even more  wicked and more ridiculous than turning Venom into an agent,” Shinick told LA Times Hero Complex in the announcement interview. “He wants to harness this power, but use it for evil. The problem being,  it is Carnage. And without even Cletus in there, we’re talking just pure symbiote and pure chaos.”

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BD Edit: Here’s the press release from Marvel

A New Beast Unleashed – SUPERIOR CARNAGE #1!

Shinick & Segovia Put A Superior Spin On A Deadly Classic


New York, NY—April 3rd , 2012— This July, the red-hot creative team of writer Kevin Shinick (Avenging Spider-Man, Robot Chicken) and Stephen Segovia (X-treme X-Men, Thor) unleash a supercharged new beast into the world of Superior Spider-Man with Superior Carnage #1! This five issue limited series, launching during Superior Spider-Month, gives fans a whole new look into the world of Superior Spider-Man – great for new and lapsed readers alike!


The homicidal villain, Carnage, is deteriorating in the confines of his asylum—but his fellow inmates are not giving up just yet! Watch as their Frankenstein-style experiment unfolds for better or for worse. Can they restore the deadliest of the symbiotes to its former glory, or better yet, do they have what it takes to build a more dastardly, more sinister, more superior Carnage?


“This is a Carnage story that will send shivers down the backs of anyone who reads it,” explained Sana Amanat, Editor, Marvel Entertainment. “What Kevin and Stephen have planned for the character is unlike any Carnage story that’s come before it, and surely will be one that will have fans demanding more of when it’s all said and done. Want to know why people love Carnage so much? Jump on here.”


But with a catatonic Kasady, who will emerge? The Beast or the Man?


“I’m really excited to be working on Superior Carnage. It’s very rare that you can say the words “Like you’ve never seen him before!” and truly mean it,” explains Shinick. “But Stephen and I have been working on some great designs for what happens when the Wizard attempts to turn Carnage into an agent of evil the way the Avengers converted Venom for good! Plus now that Cletus Kasady has essentially been lobotomized, readers (and the Wizard) are going to encounter a monster very different from what they were expecting.”


This July, Shinick and Segovia restore life and grotesque brutality to one of Spider-Man’s greatest threats in Superior Carnage #1!







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  1. J.garrett86

    I predict Carnage will still be bonded to kassidy, with the symbiote controlling all the actions, since he's Braindead .

  2. Carnage707

    I hope by the end of the series Cletus will be brought back from his catatonic state. Cletus Kasady and his mind is the true horror of Carnage, not the symbiote.

  3. Mycroftian

    Venom without any human influence: interesting. Carnage without any human influence: indistinguishable.

  4. Symbiotic_€vO

    Well if they decided to ditch the Cletus part the it will be interesting to see where this will go, basiclly they can take it wherever they see fit, i just hope we dont get just same Carnage with a different human filling, also now that SpOck have the stones and the license to kill the "sick puppies" like Massacre I want to see him in a Carnage related situation

  5. Phantom Roxas

    Not really sure about Shinick. I know he did a good job writing for Avenging Spider-Man, but that was a comedy. The most humor I would find appropriate in a Carnage story would be quips. Is the Wizard really a good choice for a villain, or is that just someone Shinick would go with? Regardless, I do want to see where Carnage's story goes after the events of Minimum Carnage.

  6. Lockdown

    After what happened in Minimum Carnage, I was expecting something like this to happen sooner rather than later. Should be interesting especially with the Wizard involved.

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