Podcast 222- Cullen Bunn Interview at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con

Podcast222April2013picVenom writer Cullen Bunn sat down and talked to me at the very first Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con. The show was awesome and I’m already making plans for year two. During the interview we talk about:

*How he discovered Spider-Man as a kid and ruined some Ditko comics? 
* His thoughts on Venom’s first appearance and how he fell in love with the character.
*Betty Brant and if she’ll re-appear in the Venom book
*Toxin and if we’ll ever find out the story of the previous owner of the suit
*Discussion on what to expect in the Venom book in the coming months. 


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  1. hornacek

    Regarding his Lee/Ditko issues, I feel for him. When I bought early Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man back in the day for some reason I would fill in the large type sound effects with pen. They're not worth as much as Lee/Ditko but 27 & 28 (Frank Miller pencils, his first drawing of Daredevil) would be worth more if I hadn't filled in all the THWOOMs with ink.

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