Superior Spider-Man Team Up Ongoing

I wonder what will happen to Avenging? Here is Marvel’s press release. 

UPDATE: It is confirmed that Team-Up will replace Avenging. Click here for CBR’s interview with Chris Yost about the switch.

SuperiorSpiderManTeamUp_1_CoverSUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP – With The Entire Marvel Universe!

 New York, NY—April 5th , 2013— This July, fan favorite writer Chris Yost pairs up with red-hot artist David Lopez to bring fans Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1! This all-new ongoing, launching during Superior Spider-Month, gives fans a whole new look into the world of Superior Spider-Man,  great for lapsed and new readers alike!

There’s only one thing that’s on the mind of the Superior Spider-Man when he encounters the heroes of the Marvel Universe…how can he beat them?! First on his list? The Avengers!

“Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1 takes fans across the entire Marvel Universe and pits Superior Spider-Man against heroes and foes you wouldn’t necessarily think he’d rub shoulders with,” explains Stephen Wacker, Senior Editor, Marvel Entertainment. “More and more people in the Marvel Universe are starting to sense a change in Spider-Man, and being able to see Chris put Spidey in those situations is going to have my inbox full of team-up requests! (So stay strong Songbird fans!”)

This July, Superior Spider-Month turns it up a notch as Yost and Lopez let loose in Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1!



Written by CHRIS YOST






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(13) Comments

  1. m gordo

    So you say you hate "Superior Spider-Man?" Well fear not Friend Of Old Marvel, to show our utter disdain for you, the loyal reader, we give you "Superior Team-Up," "Superior Foes" AND "Superior Carnage!!" Three more reasons each month to throw your hands up and say "WTF Marvel?!!" Join us every two weeks as Peter Parker grapples with the most deadly foe he's ever faced: Dan Slott! (I mean, hey, after we didn't fess up to "Brand New Day," you didn't think we'd actually apologize for this latest mess did you. Haha...c'mon...really?)

  2. DiabeticSpidey

    What exactly makes an ongoing nowadays? Seems like every comic series should be called a "Limited Series" until the company decides to start it at #1 again.

  3. RDMacQ

    @#6... Yet none of these announcements seem to be that big of a deal. A new arc, a new series, a rebranding and a mini. It's alot for one week, but certainly not something I'd spin as "SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN WEEK!!!!"

  4. JJH

    Guess this means no Peter back for a while. If this continues much longer, I might stop reading Spidey adventures.

  5. hornacek

    "great for lapsed and new readers alike!"They're trying not to come out and say "those who quit the book after we killed off the character".

  6. Phantom Roxas

    Spider-Man isn't going to be an Avenger, so it makes no sense to keep around a book built around the premise of him being an Avenger.

  7. Nick MB

    @5 That's... quite a lot of announcements for one office in one week isn't it? Slott also did a reasonably long interview with Newsarama about his upcoming plans if that helps.

  8. RDMacQ

    So, what was the point of "Superior Spider-Man" week again? All they did was announce a new ongoing, a new mini series, advertise a upcoming storyarc, and change the title on one of the books. Was it a slow news day around the Spider-Man offices?

  9. stillanerd

    Well, technically "Superior Spider-Man Team-Up" itself is not an accurate description of what the book is. Because Chris Yost says in that same interview: "in my heart when I say 'Team-Up' for 'Superior Spider-Man,' I probably mean 'Versus.'"

  10. Aziz

    I won't read this, so I have no right to yawn But what if: Marvel Publishes two monthly Spider-Man Team-Up titles?

  11. Nick MB

    Avenging sales haven't been great, so yeah, they're relaunching it as Superior Spider-Man Team-Up with the same writer to try and make it seem more important to the Superior Spider-Man storyline, I think. And to be fair, the new title also makes it a bit clearer what the book actually is.

  12. marcus

    Isn't that just what Avenging Spider-Man is? Are they going to cancel Avenging then? I'll buy/read it until I stop liking it, but it seems a little redundant.

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